Podcasting is on the rise again

Advertisers are once again spending money on podcast ads

Podcasting companies depend on ads and fundraising projects for their revenue. Till the end of last decade, brands were not excited about spending money on advertisements for netcast shows due to very less number of listeners. But more and more companies are now delighted to share the stage with netcast shows.

Podcast advertising specialist, Podtrac, sells ad spots in podcasts. The company charges around $25 to advertisers in exchange for an ad spot in 1000 audio streams or downloads. Advertisers can benefit more by podcasting their ads, as people cannot skip commercials while streaming. This means listeners will undoubtedly listen to their ad content.

Podtrac’s CEO, Mark McCrery recently interacted with reporters and said that advertisers are once again attracted to netcast shows like “Serial.”  Other shows like “The Moth,” “Welcome to Night Vale,” and “The American Life” are also attracting considerable ads.  These shows are drawing and engaging millions of listeners every day.

According to researchers from Edison Research, nearly 40 million Americans listen to podcasts every day.  The research organization’s VP, Tom Webster compared netcast show “Serial” with Netflix’s “House of Cards” and shared his opinion that Sarah Koenig’s podcast show has once again brought podcasting in the limelight.

Podcast show called “Serial” brought podcasting back in headlines since 2014

Podcasting world came back in the limelight since the beginning of 2014 in a big way, thanks to netcast show called “Serial.”  First ten episodes of this show were downloaded by around 2.2 million listeners from around the world during the first few days from its release.  The show has also created history as its netcast version has been streamed and downloaded by more than five million plus iTunes users till date.

“Serial” is a story about a murder that happened around fifteen years ago. The show is a joint venture between producers of podcast show “This American Life” and reporter Sarah Koenig. In every episode, Sarah shares facts and details about the murder’s investigation.  She also re-interviews certain people who played key roles in solving this murder mystery.

There’s something for entrepreneurs as well. Here are top netcasts that can help entrepreneurs to learn while on the go.

  • Newshour from BBC World service

Entrepreneurs always need to keep themselves updated about world news, events, and Newshour can help them to do just that.

BBC world service does not need any introduction. The British giant offers TV and Radio channels in hundreds of countries around the world. In some developing countries, BBC radio service is the only free source of daily news from around the world. If you wish to remain updated with global news every day and listen to some of the best feature stories as well as interviews, listen to Newshour netcast. You can download podcast file from BBC news website’s podcast section as MP3. The content is also available on iTunes.

  • The Tim Ferriss show

From actors, doctors, successful investors to scientists and chess masters, Tim Ferriss meets them all! Tim’s books have already proved his caliber; now he also offers the same quality content in his educational and inspirational netcast. Tim Ferriss show is an attempt to meet world-class performers from each field, and urge them to share their tools, tips with the whole world. So, visit Tim’s website – (www.fourhourworkweek.com) and download netcast files in MP3 format. You can also download this show from iTunes.

  • John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneur on Fire

Every successful entrepreneur has his or her own story to share with the world. Entrepreneur on fire is all about these lessons. The show’s host John Lee Dumas meets these successful people and urges them to share their good and bad experiences with the whole world. Till today, John has interviewed more than 750 people including famous figures like Seth Godin and Barbara Corcoran. So, if you wish to spend your time listening to what these successful people faced in life while on their journey towards success, visit Entrepreneur on Fire’s website and download latest episodes in the form of MP3 netcast file. The show is also available on iTunes.

  • Ambitious Entrepreneur Show

An individual can take courageous steps only if he or she finds inspiration and motivation in life. This is what Annemarie Cross does in her Ambitious Entrepreneur Show. She also shares useful tips and information about some of the best tools that entrepreneurs can use. Annemarie is an Australian podcaster, and she has worked as a co-host for Australia’s Career Success Radio. Today, Ambitious Entrepreneur Show is one of top 25 business netcast shows in the United States.

By Nitten Gokhaley 

The blog post was initially published on TechTechTeach. If you are looking for a freelance writer, you can get in touch with me – nittengokhaley24@gmail.com

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