Here’s a Chrome extension that simplifies the procedure of saving WhatsApp contacts from incoming chats

The application simplifies the task of saving multiple unknown WhatsApp contacts from incoming WhatsApp chats in the handset’s phone contact book.

Not just marketers, but even small startups and entrepreneurs use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers directly.

Typing a WhatsApp message for getting prices or quotes is considered better compared to making a call on the sales number. The chat message also serves as a record for a future reference.

Consumers are more likely to go with businesses that use messengers like Facebook and WhatsApp. The Pew Research Center’s study conducted in 2016 has also proved that businesses report high-engagement rate when they interact with prospects on messaging apps.

WhatsApp allows users to quickly send video clips, files, and images for various products to prospects. It’s probably one of the best marketing tools for small startups. Thus, many companies offer a phone number for WhatsApp messaging in their advertisements and marketing material.  This is where the InTouchApp Chrome Extension comes into the picture.

The application simplifies the task of saving multiple unknown WhatsApp contacts from incoming WhatsApp chats in the handset’s phone contact book.

After attending to inquiries from hundreds of potential customers on WhatsApp, businesses can save the potential consumer’s details in just a few clicks. It saves a considerable time required for the cumbersome work of creating a consumer directory.

How does the InTouchApp Chrome extension work?

The system has two parts, the Chrome extension, and the phone app.

Currently, the application is available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices.

  • The user needs to install the InTouchApp on the mobile phone first and complete the simple registration procedure.


  • Install the InTouchApp Chrome extension in the Google Chrome browser and log-in to connect the Chrome extension with the phone app.


  • Open the WhatsApp web in the browser, and you would be able to see the InTouchApp icon on the WhatsApp web interface.


  • The extension detects unknown numbers and prompts you to check and save the same.

  • Contacts get saved in your handset’s contact book neatly, in a sequence. The extension offers multiple other features as well.



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