General essentials that entrepreneur running e-commerce sites should consider following

Cyber Journal 24, July 22, 2017

By Nitten Gokhaley 

These days, e-commerce sites manage to keep people glued to the computer and smartphone screen for several hours. More than 50 percent of the internet users prefer to shop online instead of visiting brick and mortar store. Web sites can easily increase their revenue by taking some simple steps to enhance their e-commerce portal.

Search box and shopping cart box should be clearly visible

Shopping cart icon and search box should be clearly visible on the e-commerce site. Even login box needs to be visible. This will help customers to easily search for their item, add or delete cart items and login to check their previous shopping history.

Product description, warranties, delivery time and charges, returns policy, and accepted payment methods are details that every shopper looks for. Make sure that all this is clearly visible along with other details that are mandatory to be displayed to customers in various countries that your website caters to.

Let an experienced firm manage your website development and online platform aspects. Professional supervision would ensure that everything is in place.

Payment method icons

Mostly, e-commerce sites accept debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, internet banking, and PayPal as common payment methods in all countries. Customers appreciate websites that offer information about accepted payment methods during initial purchase stages.

Using icons for accepted payment methods at the footer for the home page can help in reducing cart abandon rate.

Trustmark can play an important part in gaining trust

Trustmark is a logo issued by website security firms like GeoTrust, Verisign, McAfee, Symantec, etc. These security seals are issued by firms after verifying all the necessary details regarding the website’s data security, privacy features and the company that owns the same.

Consumers feel confident while sharing bank details and contact details with websites that have such certificates from third parties. Such websites show better sales reports compared to others who do not have security certificates.

Contact details should be easily visible

Customers prefer to shop on sites that offer 24*7 customer service support via phone line or chat. Such customer support not only increases trust, but it also helps in solving pre-sale and post-sale queries quickly. People dislike email option.

Make sure that your website is ready to handle high traffic volume

According to a study conducted by Nielsen, people start looking for business related information on the internet as soon as they find something interesting on TV. This sounds logical after looking at the volume of traffic reported by startup websites whose entrepreneurs appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank show. The show allows entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and products in front of the investors.

According to reports, such entrepreneurs witnessed as much as 2000 percent hike in traffic on their website!

It’s obvious that every entrepreneur won’t be fortunate enough to get the opportunity to participate in Shark Tank. But, even newspaper/magazine ads and digital marketing campaigns can trigger the number of website visitors. Your site needs to be ready for such traffic.

Good hosting platform with Content Delivery Network (CDN), external CSS combined with external JavaScript, and browsing caching can prove to be useful for handling such traffic. To be on safer side, business sites need to opt for virtual private servers. Outsourcing this requirement to a reliable firm like Real Bits BV can prove to be the right decision.

Do not offer free delivery and returns

This may sound weird as most of the e-commerce portals use free delivery as plus point to attract customers. However, several studies have proved that free delivery and returns policy actually motivates people to order stuff unnecessarily and then they return these items back. Thus, you should consider twice before offering free delivery and returns.


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