Soon, hospitals in Delhi won’t be able to push ill patients from pillar to post. Here’s why

Kejriwal government takes another remarkable step. Plans to make hospitals accountable for forcing patients to run from pillar to post

Delhi recently witnessed how a newborn girl died due to lack of ventilator support at four-state run health care centers. Details about the unfortunate death and family’s ordeal were published in one newspaper. State’s CM Arvind Kejriwal, as well as the Delhi HC, took note of the same.

Hospitals often turn-away patients due to unavailability of bed, required facilities or expertise. In case if the patient is in critical condition, his or her family members often struggle and end up running from one hospital to the other due to the lack of information.

Delhi’s CM has issued instructions to state’s Health Minister Satyendar Jain and has urged him to create an action plan within one week. The state wants to make sure that hospitals do not turn away people without giving them information about the right facility where they can get treatment for the concerned patient.

Kejriwal believes data regarding the functional and dysfunctional facilities provided at various hospitals should be easily available to the public. This will make sure that family members and relatives of patients can visit the right facility for treatment.

Delhi HC has taken suo motu notice of the issue and has directed Delhi state government, central government as well as three municipal governments to share their opinion on this issue by November 21. This is a big relief as the court would ensure that elected representatives ACT quickly to resolve this issue that’s pending since several decades now.

It’s very unfortunate that Prime Minister Modi donates medical equipment to other poor countries but the condition in our own government medical hospitals remains pathetic.


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