BJP’s ignorant approach towards its allies can make their comeback difficult after 2019?

Cyber Journal 24, July 13, 2017

By Nitten Gokhaley 

During the last month, senior journalist Kumar Ketkar was one of the speakers at an event organized at Nandeed’s Shankarrao Chavan Auditorium.  While sharing his opinion about the social concept of the state constitution, Kumar Ketkar said the BJP would find it difficult to comeback to power single-handedly after 2019s Lok Sabha polls. Ketkar is known for his pro-Congress opinion; however, his views shared during the event do make sense.

The former editor-in-chief of Loksatta suggested that the BJP would win 180 to 220 seats during the next Lok Sabha polls and the party won’t be able to form the next government on its own. He also said that BJP won’t be able to form an alliance with others easily as they do not have the required mindset for the same.

“Currently, the central government is run by four individuals- Modi, Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley, and Ajit Doval. The government does not seem firm on any issue. When they declared note ban on November 8, they said it aims to curb black money. After realizing that note ban has failed to control corruption and black money menace, the government changed its direction and said demonetization was done to change India into a cashless society. After realizing that people do not have access to necessary technology to go cashless, they started talking about digital India,”-said the senior journalist.

He also stressed on the point that whoever speaks against demonetization or GST is termed as anti-national.

Ketkar suggests people from the middle-class income group faced a lot of issues due to note ban and overall inflation. But they supported it and appreciated the prime minister. Now, slowly people would start understanding how they have been misguided and BJP’s vote share will drop in 2019 due to this.

BJP’s problems with its alliance partners

It’s not rocket science and enough material is available in the public domain to suggest how the saffron party deals with NDA constituents. Issues with Shiv Sena, TDP, and SAD often make it in the headlines. They are not taken into consideration while dealing with key issues at the center or state level. Thus, Kumar Ketkar’s opinion does seem to be logical in this matter. BJP’s attitude can create problems if they fail to reach 262 on their own next time.

Their U-turn on multiple issues after taking over the office has irked several supporters. Handling of demonetization’s effects, black money, Vijay Mallya issue, terrorism in Kashmir, bureaucratic corruption, farmers’ suicide, the crime against women, Aadhaar data leaks, IT sector jobs cuts, etc. are some of the major issues. Lack of strong and ‘mature’ opposition leader is making things easy for the saffron party. There is no one to point out their mistakes at present. But, voters are smart enough. In the absence of strong, reliable leadership in Congress, next time, BJP’s allies, regional parties, might get better vote share and force the party to mend ways.

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