Rahul Gandhi Has Become an Object of Ridicule: Says Ramachandra Guha

Cyber Journal 24, September 26, 2016

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Historian and writer Ramachandra Guha recently launched his book (or collection of essays) titled-Democrats and Dissenters (Allen Lane). During his recent interviews with multiple journalists, he shared some interesting details about content from his essays.

Congress won’t rise again

“BJP’s role in India’s politics would become like Congress’s role in politics during the 1960s and 70s.  As far as the future is concerned, BJP may emerge as the only national party with foreseeable future. BJP will retain its dominance in spite of challenges like Tamil Nadu’s DMK, AIADMK, Kerala’s Communists, and Bengal’s Trinamool,”-said, Ramachandra Guha.


“At the best, Congress can reach 70 to 100 seats due to anti-incumbency during the next Lok Sabha polls, but they won’t become a major party again. Except for Kerala, they have reduced themselves to a small element in almost all states that they had ruled during the last decade. It would be better for India if Rahul Gandhi retires from politics, gets married, and starts his family as his party is suffering from a terminal illness.”

While sharing his opinion about the Congress party’s future, the author pointed out that Congress may not be able to revive itself and people look at Rahul Gandhi as an object of ridicule. Gandhi family has become useless. Congress party has several sensible and intelligent individuals, but they are too dependent on the Gandhi family.

Right to criticize the nation

 “True Nationalism requires feeling ashamed of your country if it does something wrong. There are many things to be proud of in our country like our economy, vigorous democracy, but the way adivasis are treated in India is shocking. Thus, an honest patriot must criticize the country wherever required. Even Mahatma Gandhi had said that India is not flawless,”- the author pointed out during his interaction with journalists.

While sharing his opinion about how writers and scholars in various states are being targeted, he pointed out that all parties are guilty and not just the BJP.

“It was the left front in West Bengal that hounded Taslima Nasrin out of the state. West Bengal’s intellectuals are not embarrassed by that. In Tamil Nadu, Perumal Murugan was not defended by Karunanidhi as well as by Jayalalithaa,”- said Guha.



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