Can business insurance cover really prove to be a lifeline for any given organization?

Cyber Journal 24, August 14, 2016

By Nitten Gokhaley 

No matter if your business is a small one or large, every organization needs to get insurance coverage for itself as well as its employees. The cover offered to employees by the employer may differ from one organization to the other.  This means spending few dollars on a monthly basis, but this cost is essential to make sure that you do not have to face huge financial risk if something goes wrong with your business or employees.

Insurance companies offer tailor-made insurance plans that suit various businesses and cover them from industry specific risks that they face. Let’s take a look at certain types of insurance covers that your business may require.

Insurance for business properties

No matter if it is your company’s vehicle, office premises, manufacturing unit, computer systems or IT set up, other equipment, furniture, databases, etc. business property cover can help you get damages in case if something happens to your insured business property. Commercial property cover also offers same benefits.

Along with business property cover, you can opt for additional coverage called business liability cover and commercial general liability cover. You would be able to claim compensation from the insurance company if a third party files a claim against you for property damage or for a personal injury resulted due to your business. Such cover(s) can help you save hundreds of dollars that you may end up paying as compensation to third parties.

Product liability cover is another important insurance that can prove to be life saver for your business.  If one of your clients or customers files case against you to claim compensation for damages caused because of using your products or service, this cover can help you pay for such losses. Professional liability insurance also offers similar benefits. It helps in dealing with lawsuits filed against your business for failing to provide service as committed.

If your company is into manufacturing, you may also require workers compensation insurance. This helps in paying compensation to workers if they file claim against your organization for job injury related compensation.

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Dedicated health cover for employees

Depending on the laws in the state where your business operates, you need to offer health insurance cover to your employees.  This would enable your employees to claim compensation from the insurance provider in case if they face health issues as well as accident.

Cyberliability cover can help your organization in case if your company’s computer systems, servers, cloud data storage system crashes. It can also help you pay liabilities in case if one of your clients takes you to court for data breach.

It is advisable to fix a meeting between insurance provider and your legal team to check the types of insurance covers that your organization needs for itself as well as for employees before signing any contract.


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