Highland Heights Farm is perfect for individuals who wish to get away from urban sprawl

Cyber Journal 24, October 09, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

The farm is located in Central Indiana’s northern part, and is just around 20 miles distance from Indianapolis.


Highland Heights Farm is popular as venue for rustic, barnyard themed wedding events. This farm is surrounded by apple orchards, and is a part of economy that is driven by agriculture. Guests coming to this farm are welcomed by the rural heritage that surrounds the location. People in Indianapolis are well-aware about Highland Heights Farm, as it is just around 20 miles away from the city.


If you visit the place during the right season, the destination’s peaceful, clean and clear Indiana Country skies would definitely make you fall in love with the farm. And perhaps, convince you to come again. It is perfect to conduct personal events and business meetings as well.

Facilities and Capacity

The farm can accommodate around 200 people during wedding event or reunions. It is also perfect for personal events like reception, bridal shower, and other ceremonies.


Cake, beverages, food (arranged through third parties), and floral arrangements are perfect as per most of the reviews written by individuals who had organized their events at this farm in the past. You can opt for outdoor uncovered setting or indoor setting. The venue offers feeling of relaxation and peace, thanks to its naturally casual atmosphere. Farm offers two wedding packages to suit needs of individuals from various income groups.

The venue is also perfect for corporate meetings and conferences. The farm’s conference room set in natural surroundings can accommodate around 50 people. It would definitely prove the best option for conducting brain storming sessions as well.


The farm’s experienced and helpful staff can help you in planning your event, setting lighting and sound according to your requirements. The farm also provides linens.

As far as wedding packages are concerned, the venue offers two options, Elopements (Tier-1) and Full Closure Weddings (Tier-2).

For business events, Highland Heights offers white board, two flip charts, wireless internet, and audio video equipment. The farm offers drinks and snacks, but does not have its own catering team. However, they do have tie-up with several local caterers that can arrange food according to your requirements.


As mentioned earlier, Highland Heights Farm does not have its own in-house catering team, but farm authorities can arrange several types of cuisine that are available through local catering options as per your needs.  They also offer full breakfast made from farm products according to guests’ requirement. Snacks and drinks are served, but only for business conferences and meetings. It is advisable to discuss cuisine options while you call the farm for booking.


Beautiful accommodations offer peace and relaxation before and after the event.

Other Services

Farm’s on-site wedding coordinator takes care of all the aspects involved in staging and setting-up your event.

Other Facilities

The venue offers plenty of space for cars and bikes parking. So, all your guests won’t have to worry about their vehicles when they spend wonderful time inside the venue, around you.


Nitten is a freelance journalist, and has worked with renowned newspapers, news agency, SEO companies from India, the US, and the UK. If you are looking for desktop journalist or SEO content writer, you can email Nitten- nittengokhaley24@gmail.com

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