Central and state governments are creating new roads to reach voters’ mind

Cyber Journal 24, August 02, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

States like Bihar, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu will witness elections during next two years. So, both, the central and state governments are trying to reach voters’ mind by constructing new roads.


Data released by NHAI and Bloomberg suggests that there is a spike in road tendering activity in the states that are set to witness elections within the next few months.

According to reports, Bihar has floated tenders for 537 kilometers; the state is set to go for elections this year.  Tamil Nadu has seen tenders for 115 kilometers, and West Bengal has 221 kilometers. Both states will witness elections in 2016. Uttar Pradesh will face elections in 2017, and the state has tendered out 1000 kilometers recently.

Besides this, the central government has also declared several projects; the most impressive one is from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.  The ministry has declared 50,000-crore worth road projects for Bihar that will come-up during the next few years.

On the other hand, states that are not expecting elections during next two years seem to be slow as far as road projects are concerned. Gujarat has tendered out 16 kilometers, MP has 0, and Maharashtra has 57 kilometers. The only exception is Rajasthan, as the state witnessed Assembly elections in 2013 but has still tendered 279 kilometers.


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