Is someone systematically running anti-BJP campaign in media?

Cyber Journal 24, June 25, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

After looking at news headlines, and Facebook posts of some news channels posted during last ten days, one can easily see that someone is trying very hard to damage BJP’s image.

People are not able to understand one simple point. Scam is scam when it is PROVED to be so by the court, CVC, ACB, CBI, ED, or any other Government body.

Scams like 2G scam, Coal scam, Adarsh scam, Virbhadra Singh’s apple scam, former Karnataka CM Yedurappa’s land scam, and other scams involving political leaders are called scams because they were PROVED so by the court and various agencies.

Journalists can share their opinion along with some EVIDENCE, but they cannot start acting like court judges. Reporters cannot just point at someone and declare him or her as thief.


Vasundhara Raje had signed testimony for Lalit Modi in 2011, but she was not the state’s CM then, was she? She did not use any Government machinery to help Modi, did she?  Her son had business relations with Lalit Modi, but why can’t he? So many politicians in our country run businesses. 


External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Swaraj is tagged as the best performing minister even by some of India’s most trusted journalists. After looking at her Tweets, and EA Ministry’s FB page, one can understand that her staff answers almost each and every tweet / query and helps as many people as possible. If the EA Minister has misused her power, let the investigative agencies prove that.

Her husband is a lawyer, and Lalit Modi was his client. But so are Kapil Sibal and his son. In-fact, when Mr. Sibal was Minister for Communications and IT, his son was working as lawyer for Vodafone India. Media did highlight this issue about conflict of interest, but no one asked Mr. Sibbal to resign, or no one played back-to-back discussions based on this issue to defame the father and son duo.


Just two days back, congress leaders in Maharashtra had pointed fingers at state’s education minister alleging that his degree is fake. It turned out that Mr. Tawde had already declared in his election document that the institute where he completed his engineering has no Govt grant since 2008. How did some journalists tag his degree as fake degree? Why was he compared with Delhi’s former law minister Tomar?

Till today, no Government agency or court has declared Smriti Irani, Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhara Raje, Vinod Tawde or Pankaja Munde as people behind scams. They are being asked to resign on the basis of media reports and “cost estimates.”  Let the court or agency come out with proof against them.

Scams that were PROVED in court

Let’s not forget that the Supreme court, CVC, TRAI provided evidence in 2G scam case when A Raja was still minister. CVC had also pointed finger and showed evidence about PMO’s involvement in 2G and coal scam while Dr. Singh was in the office. Minister A Raja resigned only when court agreed that there is a scam and he was the man behind it. So, it is advisable to wait and watch before making any statements or creating wrong image about someone. 

Politicians control most of the media outlets, and they have best PR teams at their disposal. Remember how India’s top journalist was found “setting” spectrum deal with politicians, lobbyist, and top industrialist?  Proof about her involvement is also available on YouTube in the form of audio tapes, but she has not spent even one hour in jail.  She is not alone.  One elite, well-dressed devil’s advocate adds anti-Modi sentiments in almost his each and every Sunday column to satisfy someone. Perhaps, Prime Minister’s rivals. 


Journalists and media houses famous for writing anti-BJP stories are openly thanking Lalit Modi for acting like an angel. But, after reading comments written below their stories, it is clear that everyone is not foolish. 



As Bollywood’s director Sajid Khan pointed out in one of his recent columns, PR Kiya Toh Darna Kya. They can defuse controversies, and can create the same as well! Perhaps, this time, Mr. Modi’s rivals hired better PR agencies than those behind BJP’s #achhedin campaign.

Nitten is a freelance journalist, and has worked with renowned newspapers and news agency in India. He writes on crime, international terrorism, entertainment, Indian politics, technology, business stories and more.

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