Poor grooming skills can be detrimental

Cyber Journal 24, June 17, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Imran received a phone call, and he rushed to meet his friend Amit who was admitted at one of Mumbai’s well-known hospitals. After reaching the hospital, Imran found Amit’s room. He entered the room, and sat chatting with his friend. Amit shared details about the accident, and said he got his leg fractured due to reckless SUV driver who banged his bike. (No, Salman Khan was not driving the SUV; please don’t blame the poor actor for every accident).

Imran was about to leave, when the hospital’s doctor came to check Amit. Imran was surprised to see the concerned Doctor’s short boxed beard, pimples on face, overgrown hair, and not so clean lab coat. Doctor’s unironed shirt was visible, and so were his grimy nails. This is when Imran realized the importance of grooming skills.

Grooming skills create your impression

What would be your reaction if an individual with chapped cuticles and dirty fingernails approaches to shake hands with you?



Hefty business deal might force you to shake hands, but you would definitely curse the concerned individual in your mind.

This is the “selfie” era, and individuals prefer to maintain their hairstyle, dressing sense, and body language even while they are out to buy milk during early morning.


Why should girls have all the fun? These days, even guys prefer to look good at all times. Rigorous exercising routine and balanced diet play an important role in keeping them well-groomed.


Grooming involves personal hygiene, behavioral skills, and personal appearance. To put it in simple words, grooming covers all the basic life skills.

Is it necessary to keep on improving grooming skills with time?

Greasy hair can be ignored, but people might not be able to inhale bad breath for longer.

You can hide your unironed shirt by wearing overcoat during the interview, but you won’t be able to hide those unkempt, grimy nails from your future boss. He might notice them while you hand-over your resume and other documents to him.

Uneven mustache, beard, and grimy nails may indicate that you let little things slip.

Your success and failure at life-turning points also depends on these small details that create impression about you. This impression can even overshadow your impressive work experience and educational qualifications.

Proper dressing does not mean you need to wear a bowtie, and suit like journalist Karan Thapar. You can also manage to look great and attract eyeballs when you wear formal shirt worth Rs. 499.


Taking small steps and grooming yourself can not only help you feel fresh and feel confident about yourself while interacting with others, but will also create positive image about you in everyone’s mind.

Failure in adapting grooming skills might make you feel like the last scruff inside the office. Community might start differentiating the individual who fails to adapt grooming skills, and this may also impact one’s social relationships.

Major players are slowly entering the country to offer male grooming products

In-order to keep up with the trend, top cosmetic, lifestyle, and apparel brands in India are introducing male grooming products. Even some internationally renowned barber shop chains are entering the country to serve nation’s male population that is going crazy for selfies.

In May 2014, Truefitt & Hill opened its first outlet in Mumbai’s Khar area. The London based barber shop chain Lloyds Luxuries owns the place, and its director Istayak Ansari believes that boys and men love facials, but they may not opt for it at a unisex saloon.  He believes that Indian men wish to be treated like royals.


The chain has entered India with its intention to offer meticulous male grooming. The barber chain’s entry in India is not surprising, as male vanity business reported growth rate of 21 percent in 2013.

It’s everyone’s piece of cake

Hold on! If you think male grooming is only for the rich and famous, you should think again! Walk into one of Jawed Habib’s unisex saloons, and you might easily come across teenage boys talking about eyebrows shapes, and benefits of applying tinted moisturizer.

  • Grooming products are not business assets, they help in improving you.


  • Some of the most popular grooming products are shaving creams, moisturizer, lip balm, face wash, face mask, razors, deodorant, skin care creams, hand creams, shampoos, toothbrush, and more.


  • Gay community is well aware about male grooming products, and has accepted these products as part of their beauty routine.


  • Barbers, and health care centers are already heading in the right direction. Manicures and facials for men are offered in almost all saloons and even by roadside barbers in big cities these days.


Nitten is a freelance journalist, and has worked with renowned newspapers and news agency as a journalist in India. He writes on crime, international terrorism, Indian politics, technology, business stories and more.

If you are looking for desktop journalist or SEO content writer, you can email Nitten- nittengokhaley24@gmail.com

This content cannot be used as evidence against the writer and publisher to file case in any court of law around the world. Images used in the content belong to their respective owners. The aim of this site is to spread awareness without any financial gain. We do not wish to hurt anyone’s sentiments or cause financial loss to any individual or organization.

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