Is India’s legal infrastructure over burdened?

Nitten Gokhaley : Sunday, July 27

New Delhi:

According to Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, there are around 63,000 cases pending in the Supreme Court, and 44 lakh cases pending with various High Courts in the country.

Stats clearly suggest that Law Ministers from UPA government failed to allot money for the justice system. The UPA government also failed to take steps in recruiting new judges for various courts. In-fact, it was UPA’s Law Minister Salman Khurshid who had ordered state governments to close fast track courts which deal with crime against women, as the central government was out of funds.


CJI’s point of view

The chief juice of India, R M Lodha, recently pointed out that High Courts in the country cannot finish cases in timely manner as they have inadequate infrastructure and less number of judges.  He also hit out at the government by saying that it is government’s responsibility to provide adequate infrastructure and judges for courts. Judiciary cannot be blamed for backlog.


CJI R M Lodha

The Chief Justice of India has suggested various ways to reduce pendency across courts, one of them is increasing working hours. He also suggested that reducing number of holidays, and summer vacation for Supreme Court might help in finishing backlog.

Modi government is concerned about huge number of pending cases

Modi government’s Law Minister, Ravi shankar Prasad also presented same data in front of Parliamentarians. He said there are around 63,000 cases pending in the Supreme Court, while nearly 44 lakh cases are pending with various High Courts. He also informed MPs that around 2.5 crore cases are pending with lower courts in the country.

As per reports, lower courts in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra have highest number of pending cases.


Union Minister Ravi shankar Prasad

Vacancies across courts in India

Overall, High courts need 270 more judges and 4,382 seats are vacant in district courts from various parts of the country.  Even CBI courts are suffering due to lack of man power. There around 6,500 cases pending with various CBI fast track courts. These cases are pending due to lack of judges in special courts.

Filling up vacancies in various courts

The Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad interacted with media and assured everyone that the government aims to speed up country’s justice system. He also highlighted the point that he has asked his ministry to fill up 4000 vacancies across various courts in the country on urgent basis.

The Union Minister was recently in the headlines when government sources suggested that Law Ministry is planning to change laws so that juveniles above age of 16 can be punished as adults in rape cases.


By Nitten Gokhaley

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