Indian economy is already showing signs of improvement: Says Kapil Mahanti

CJ24, Nitten Gokhaley, 01-09-2014

May it be garment manufacturing, shoe manufacturing, automobile, or food industry; everyone has agreed that sales have increased since the formation of Modi government at the center.


Kavis Fashions designs, manufactures and sells footwear for women and men in various cities across India. The company’s head office is located in Mumbai.

Kapil Mahanti, the Director of Kavis Fashions, recently interacted with media persons in Mumbai. He shared his opinion about India’s economy, and said that the country is back on right financial track after passing through bad phase during last two years.

Kapil further said that now people and business houses are doing everything possible to make up for their losses incurred in the past. His company is witnessing rise in orders from all the states in India.


Company’s business manager for Tresmode brand, Shashikanth Bendore also interacted with media and said that sales figures have gone up compared to last year. He highlighted the point that people from all over the country are once again removing money from their wallet to buy new products.

Investors are coming back

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s victory has clearly brought some positive sentiments in investors’ mind. Not just investors, but even the common man cheered when BJP crossed the 272 mark after Lok Sabha polls. The recent rail fare hike took away that smile from common man’s face for some time, but petrol price cut and oil ministry’s commitment to look into reducing diesel prices has once again given relief to the people.

Even troubled sectors like Telecom sector and power sector are attracting investors.

UK based New Call Telecom recently announced that it will invest around $100 million in Indian telecom companies. Australian telecom and broadband major-Telstra is also showing interest in Indian market. They have recently appointed Upendra Kohli as their MD for India. Besides this, reports suggest that more foreign investors are coming back to invest in various sectors. Let’s hope Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s magic keeps on working.


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