Profile watch- Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is America’s famous singer, song writer and model. This beautiful singer is 29 years old, and her birth name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.



Lana Del Rey

Early life

The singer was born in New York, to Robert Grant and Pat Grant. Her father, Rob, was working as copy writer with Grey Group before turning into an entrepreneur. Elizabeth stayed in New York till she was 15, and was sent to one of the boarding schools in Connecticut, in-order to deal with too much dependence on alcohol consumption. After turning 18, she was sent to Fordham University in New York’s Bronx County, where she completed her Philosophy (metaphysics) degree.


Her introduction to music

She was interested in music since her childhood, and used to sing at her Church. Later, Elizabeth was once again introduced to music by her uncle who gave her guitar lessons when she was 18 years of age. She developed some sort of attachment with music since then, and even started performing for night clubs in Brooklyn.

Professional career

After writing considerable number of songs and sketching several plans, Eli released her first single in October 2008. The song was- “kill kill“, it was produced by David Kahne.

Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Rey’s first solo album was released in January 2010, and was titled- “Lana Del Ray”, just like her screen name, except that “Ray” used instead of “Rey”. Her father Robert Grant played the most important role in marketing this album.

This album was only released on online music portals and iTunes. Later, it was pulled down from everywhere, as the singer planned to re-release this album on larger canvas. Year 2010 brought lot of fortune for this young singer, as she also got the opportunity to perform with Mando Diao band at Berlin’s Union Film-Studios, during the famous- MTV Unplugged concert.

Born to Die

Few months after releasing her first album, Elizabeth released several tracks on her YouTube channel for her fans. She was also signed by Stranger Records, and released her single, – “Video Games“. This song received positive response and earned several awards.

The single also attracted companies like Polydor and Interscope Records towards Del Rey’s work. She signed joint contract with both companies to release her next album- “Born to Die”, which was released in January 2012. Companies sold around 3 Million copies of this album and it was part of Billboard US countdown for more than 9 months.

Short film and singles

Elizabeth released another single- “Dark Paradise” in March 2013. This was her seventh single, and was appreciated by her fans from all around the globe. Eli’s another song- “Young and Beautiful” was also released in 2013. This song was used as part of movie, titled- The Great Gatsby.

The 29 year old singer came in the limelight when she won the best International Female Solo Artist award during 2013’s BRIT Awards.

December 4th was the most important day in Lana Del Rey’s life as she released her short film, titled- “Tropico” on this day. This film was directed by Anthony Mandler, and premiered at Hollywood’s at Cinerama Dome. It was also released on singer’s YouTube channel on December 5th.

Ultra Violence

Her latest album, Ultra violence was released in June 2014, and more than 880,000 copies were sold during first week of this album’s release. This album has proved to be one of this year’s best albums in the United Kingdom, United Sates, and twenty other countries.


Personal life and controversies

She was addicted to alcohol when she was just 15. However, she got rid of this habit in three years and turned to music as her new addiction.

Reports suggest that Lana Del Rey has been in relationship with Kassidy band’s ex-member Barrie-James O’Neill, and musician Steven Mertens for considerable period of time.

Made headlines


Elizabeth attracted lot of eyeballs when one of her fans threw underwear at her, and the singer kept it in her hand. This happened during her stage show in Dublin in May 2013. The singer laughed, and even asked its owner to come forward.


She was recently in headlines when she claimed that she had slept with several men to get good deals for her music, but failed to get anything out of all those episodes. She also attracted lot of attention when she told British Newspaper that she wishes to die.

Photo shoots and other popular images


She was spotted in simple, white V-neck t-shirt in Paris during June 2014. Fans found this dress very romantic. Make up experts suggest that the singer has used matte pink lipstick, which makes her appear glamorous in this image.



Lana Del Rey was spotted in a red two-piece while she was shooting for her short film – Tropico, during July 2013.



Lana Del Rey wore this wonderful red dress when she attended March 2013’s Musik Hilft charity dinner in Berlin.



Her images taken during H & M’s advertising campaign for their winter wear during 2012 are hot property for her fan followers.



Lana Del Rey is not just talented and beautiful. She also works with several organizations to help people who are homeless, or are suffering from alcohol, and drug abuse. She is involved in community service since considerable amount of time. Hope God always shows her the right path in personal and professional life.


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