Engineers Working as Call Centre Employees in Pune

After completing his BE degree in 2012, Imran registered himself with various job portals. He was shocked when he received a call from a famous job consultant who advised him to join a BPO for getting a job in one of the best IT companies


Imran visited the consultant’s office. He was told that one of India’s best IT companies was recruiting people for its BPO division. The consultant convinced Imran that he can get himself transferred from the company’s BPO division to its IT division within six months, once he becomes a part of that organization. 3d_call_centre_by_larundel-d4bp8hr

Imran joined the organization. He was surprised when he was told on the day of induction that employees hired for BPO division need to work in that division for 18 months before applying for internal job posting, and even after completing 18 months there is no guarantee that he will be transferred to IT division.

Why do some job consultants misguide people?

Surveys suggest that more than 50 percent of phone calls and emails received from job consultants and job portals are about openings in BPOs. There are thousands of job openings in BPOs, as this industry faces high attrition due to various reasons. Compared to other industries, the BPO industry spends more money in paying commission to job consultants. This commission is paid once the candidate sent by the consultant joins the organisation and completes the induction documentation procedure. The commission amount varies from company to company.  The number of job openings and the commission amount attracts job consultants, and this is one of the reasons that most of the job consultants hire only for BPOs.


The hidden truth

Some job consultants do not hesitate to call up doctors and engineers to ask them if they wish to work in a BPO. In most cases, computer- software engineers become easy targets for job consultants; they give fake assurances about internal job posting and lure computer engineers to work for BPOs. Computer engineers join BPOs because of lack of job openings, lack of information about the concerned company’s policy regarding internal job transfers, and also because of their need for money. Their dream shatters on the day of induction when the HR representatives of the company start discussing about various policies regarding internal job postings.

Do companies really transfer their employees from BPO division to their IT division?

There are lots of IT companies which also have their BPO division. Every company has its own set of rules for Internal Job posting, in most cases, the employee can apply for internal job transfer after completing one year, to eighteen months in the organization. The application gets rejected or approved based on the employee’s performance in BPO division, his/ her manager’s feedback, employee’s educational qualification, and employee’s performance during the IJP interview.

By-Nitten Gokhaley

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