Wi-Fi Internet Access in the Middle of the Ocean?

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight has once again highlighted the importance of developing devices which can help in detecting underwater objects and debris. These underwater devices can prove to be more powerful with the help of internet.

What will be your reaction if someone tells you about free Wi-Fi internet access in the middle of the ocean, and even under the sea? This can soon become reality!



Soon you might be able to access internet even when you are in the middle of the sea

University of Buffalo’s team of researchers is working on a project which aims to create underwater internet networks. These researchers said in their recent statement that the main aim of this project is to bring underwater electronic equipments and sensors closer to land based devices like smart phones and laptops by creating internet which works under the ocean.

Researchers believe that this internet will eliminate the need to install software and specialized equipments to access under water internet networks. This team of researchers recently tested under water internet in Lake Erie, just few miles away from Buffalo city in the state of New York (United States). The Wi-Fi system designed by researchers will not use radio waves, but will use sound waves instead.

Can this technology really prove to be useful? 

Researchers around the world suggest that this technology will definitely prove to be useful in detecting water pollution, collecting oceanographic data, detecting offshore oil, and in detecting tsunami and other disasters. It can also be used in monitoring shipping traffic, fishes, marine mammals and in detecting underwater objects /debris.


University of Buffalo’s researcher- Tommaso Melodia believes that their invention can also prove to be helpful for law enforcement agencies. As tracking devices connected to under water internet can help these agencies to track submarines involved in drug trafficking.

By-Nitten Gokhaley

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