The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh- One of Walt Disney’s Unforgettable Heroes

Are you looking for a TV series or movie which offers- breathless escapes, galloping chases, despicable villain and unforgettable hero? If so, you should definitely watch Walt Disney’s “The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh” (1963).  The story is adopted from Russell Thorndike’s novel called- Doctor Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh. This novel was published in 1915.


Story Summary

The story revolves around a pirate named- Scarecrow. He works as a priest during day time and becomes pirate during night. Scarecrow is a pirate who robs rich, greedy, evil people and distributes the loot money amongst poor. He runs a smuggling ring to escape massive taxes imposed by the King, and gives that money to the poor farmers so that they can pay taxes to the king. He always fights to help and give justice to the common man. After hearing stories about Scarecrow, King George asks his Royal Army to kill the Scarecrow and his gang members. The story shows Scarecrow’s fight against soldiers of Royal army to save himself and his men. The legend does not die in the end of the series, he promises to carry on his fight.


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Some interesting facts about this TV series

It features Patrick McGoohan in the lead role. Patrick was considered as fearless action king during 1960s, he also featured in British TV series like- Danger Man/Secret Agent and The Prisoner. The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh also features Sean Scully as John Banks and George Cole as Mipps. This TV series was directed by James Neilson and was filmed on various locations in England.

Some parts of this series were filmed in the famous St Clement’s Church, in England’s Old Romney village. The church was not in good condition, so the film company repaired and repainted the Church before filming sequences of this show.

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