Island Hvar- One of Croatia’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations

Hvar Island is a wonderful Island situated on the Adriatic Sea coast in Croatia’s Dalmatia region. It is famous for its historical monuments and spectacular sea beaches. You will definitely fall in love with vineyards, olive trees and vast lavender fields which are spread all around the Island.


Tvrdalj Castle

Some of the tourist attractions are the Bishop’s Treasury site, the Tvrdalj Castle, the Grapceva spilja (archeological site), the main square of Hvar, and the Cathedral of St. Stephen. If you wish to spend some time in greenery away from the crowd, you should visit the area around Mlaska bay.


Dubovica beach

Hvar Island is famous for its spectacular beaches, some of the popular beaches are -the Dubovica beach near Milna, and the Petarcica beach in Zavala area. You can enjoy sailing, swimming, scuba diving and other water sports at some of these beaches.

You can also enjoy mountain hiking, trekking and some other adventure sports on Hvar Island. Hvar’s southern cliffs are popular adventure sports areas. Travelling is very convenient; you can easily rent a taxi for sightseeing. Hvar Island is around 66 kilometers away from Split airport. You can take a speed boat ferry from Hvar Island to reach the city of Split.

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