The Hidden Truth about Mobile Phone Radiation

Experts suggest that radiation released by mobile phones and their towers can cause diseases like- cancer, infertility, heart complications, hormonal imbalances, brain disorders, memory disruptions, etc. 

WHO’s report about threats from mobile phones and their towers

Team of researchers from the World Health Organization (WHO) recently released their report about radiation emitted by cell phones and their networks’ antennas.  This report clearly says that the electromagnetic waves emitted by handsets and networks’ towers might prove to be harmful and can also cause various types of cancer.

Several inconclusive results

Researchers, health experts and cancer specialists around the world suggest that there is some link between cancer and cellular network towers.  Case studies involving hundreds of brain cancer patients suggest that people living nearby these towers (on long term basis), might develop brain cancer. However, no one is able to come up with concrete evidence to prove that radiation released by handsets and their towers can cause cancer. Some environmentalists believe that Corporates and multinational telecom operators are not allowing the WHO and developed countries to talk about mobile phone radiation and its side effects.

Radiation regulatory authorities in countries like- Sweden, Germany, France, Austria, and the United States have issued several precautionary measures which can help people to reduce exposure to the radiation released by mobile phones and towers. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Specific absorption rate (SAR)

Every handset has some specific absorption rate (SAR); this rate describes the maximum amount of radiation which the user can be exposed to, while using the handset. It is advisable to opt for the handset which has lower SAR.

Sending text messages or using chat apps instead of calls

Exposure to radiation can be reduced by keeping your handset away from your head. Experts recommend people to avoid making phone calls, and communicate using options like text messages or various chat apps instead of making voice calls.


In-case if you are making voice call, it is advisable to use Bluetooth / wired head phones instead of holding your phone near your ear. You can also use speaker mode where ever possible.

Make calls only if your phone is in a good network coverage area

Researchers suggest that mobile phones emit more radiation in case if they are receiving weak network signals. In most cases, phones receive weak signals when you are travelling.

Phones emit more radiation when you are using them while travelling in train, bus, or car as they are constantly searching for network signals while travelling. So, it is advisable to avoid making calls while travelling.

Avoid staying near mobile phone network’s base stations / towers


Almost all the countries (except South Africa) have rules and regulations when it comes to regulating the amount of radiation emitted by towers. This may sound weird, but radiation experts in France suggest that people should live at-least 100 meters away from these towers/ base stations which emit radiation.

By-Nitten Gokhaley

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