Smartphone Which You Can Bend!

Smart phone revolution started in 1993, with the launch of world’s first smart phone called-“Simon personal communicator”. It offered features like touch screen, puzzles, games, calculator, camera, maps, music, and access to emails. Only few super rich individuals were able to afford these smart phones during the early 90s.

These days, almost everyone has a smart phone in his or her hand. The smart phone market is dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy series Android phones. Smart phone makers are releasing new versions of their phone models loaded with new features almost after every six months.

Some smartphone makers are planning to bring a revolutionary change in the way smart phones are designed. These companies have developed unbreakable display panels and flexible batteries with the help of new technology.

Unbreakable smart phone display panels

What will be your reaction, if someone offers you a smart phone which you can bend? What will be your reaction if someone offers you a smart phone with curved display? Thanks to the new technology, virtually bendable devices which were just concepts on the drawing board till last decade will be reality in next few days!


Tech experts believe that smartphone makers like LG and Samsung are planning to introduce their smart phones with unbreakable displays (plastic touch screens) before the end of this year, or in Jan next year.

Batteries like never before

Reports suggest that some of the world’s best smart phone makers are going to start manufacturing flexible, energy efficient, water proof and durable batteries which will not explode or catch fire. These batteries might turn out to be a part of new wearable devices, and smart phones with curved displays.

Flexible batteries will allow smart phone makers to introduce handsets with bendable displays. It will also allow gadget makers to develop various flexible gadgets.

– Nitten Gokhaley

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