Aerial photography is no more expensive!

Nitten Gokhaley recently met Pranav kumar Chitte, the owner of PBC’s Aero Hub, which offers services like- Aero Modeling, Air Shows, Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography, Aerial Banner, Aerial Flower Showering and project guidance for college students


Pranav speaks to us about services offered by PBC’s Aero Hub-

When we talk about Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography, most of us feel disappointed because of the price tag associated with these services. Why are these services so expensive?

Till the end of last decade, Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography meant spending lakhs of Rupees, but this is not the case anymore. Now these services are easily available at affordable rates.

We offer these services at affordable rates to various advertising agencies, construction companies, Govt’s departments associated with town planning, real estate companies, insurance companies, and to various event organizing companies.

(Services are offered only after receiving necessary permissions from the concerned authorities)

You company organizes Air shows; please tell us something more about these Air shows

I established PBC’s Aero Hub in September 2012; it is one year and two months old. Till date, PBC’s Aero Hub has organized 31 Air shows in various parts of Maharashtra state. The aim behind organizing these Air shows is to offer entertainment combined with education and encouragement.

No matter where ever you go, people are aware about airplanes, helicopters and RC airplanes, but people do not know how these machines work. Our Air shows offer education about the technology and other aspects of airplanes and RC (radio controlled) airplanes. The language used in explaining all this is very simple, and even school kids can understand the basic concepts.

During these Air shows, we guide, and encourage students to take interest in aerodynamics. We also offer them information about how they can develop their career as an aerospace/ aeronautical engineer.


Image taken during PBC’s Aero Hub show in Katraj

You also conduct aero modeling workshops; tell us something more about these workshops

My company has organized several workshops; the most recent ones were organized for JSPM’s Imperial College of Engineering, in Pune’s wagholi area and another one in Pune Institute of Aviation Technology.

We conduct two types of workshops; first one is the basic aero modeling workshop and the second one is advanced aero modeling workshop. We cover all the basic concepts of air craft construction with various materials. We also train students to make their own RC planes with our designs.

These are just one day workshops, attending these workshops will definitely help students to know more about aerodynamics. We issue certificates to all the students who participate in these workshops.


One of Pranav’s aero modeling workshops

What are the career opportunities available for an aeronautical engineer?

To put it in simple words, aeronautical engineer might end up getting better job opportunities compared to a computer engineer. These days, there are thousands of computer engineers waiting for their first appointment letter. Reports suggest that IT sector (which is completely dependent on work outsourced by the American and British companies since 1999) is once again facing slowdown and job cuts. However, this is not the case in the field of aeronautical engineering.

There are many companies in India which design planes, helicopters, unmanned drones, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), etc.  These companies work on both, Indian and overseas projects. This sector is developing very fast, and companies are always looking for talented engineers.

Aeronautical engineers can join various private and Govt organizations as maintenance engineers, R & D engineers and analysts, or as design engineers.  Aeronautical engineers can also join the Indian Air force, and contribute their knowledge in making the defense system stronger.

  • For more information about Pranav, and services offered by PBC’s Aero Hub, you can call Pranav on- 9766457697. You can also visit his website-

By- Nitten Gokhaley

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