Andorra la Vella- a wonderful tourist destination

Andorra la Vella is a city located in the east Pyrenees between Spain and France. Andorra la Vella offers the perfect combination of beautiful landscapes and historic architecture. It is also the capital of the Principality of Andorra. 


Andorra la Vella is divided in two parts, the newer part at the north end, the older half at the south and west of the city. The newer part of the city is very commercial with lots of hotels, shops, bars and restaurants- which offer various types of local dishes; there are several restaurants which also serve American and Italian dishes.

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Thanks to its historical architecture, the older part of the city attracts thousands of tourists every year. Some important monuments are- the Romanesque church of Sant Andreu, the 12th century church of Sant Esteve, the Bridge of la Margineda- constructed during medieval times, the Parliament building and the metallic sculpture made by the Valencian sculptor- Andreu Alfaro. Travelling is very convenient; you can easily hire a taxi for sightseeing.


Andorra la Vella is a perfect destination for ski lovers; there are lots of ski resorts nearby Andorra la Vella. You can easily rent skiing equipments’ from sports clubs in Andorra la Vella. Carcassonne airport is the nearest airport. You can avail transfers to Andorra la Vella from outside the airport.


So, what are you waiting for? Check the available balance in your checking account, or your credit card! Pack your bags and visit Andorra la Vella for a perfect vacation!

By- Nitten Gokhaley

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