Twitter is allowing users to download a file containing all their archive tweets!

Twitter users can look back on their entire history (tweets).Twitter was working on this feature since July this year. This feature is available for limited number of twitter users since last few days.

These selected users are able to see a link at the bottom of their settings page. Once the user clicks on this link, twitter starts generating their archive tweets. This request takes some time to process, and users are notified via email when their archive tweets’ file is ready to be downloaded. Archive tweets are compressed in a zip folder in CSV spread sheet format. It also includes location data for tweets. Unfortunately deleted tweets are not included in this archive.


Twitter’s chief executive Dick Costolo also said that twitter’s engineers are working on it to make this feature available to all twitter users before the end of 2012.

Previously, Twitter used to sell tweets of various users to business houses in exchange for a small fee. To offer this service, Twitter had joined hands with a British company- Datasift in February 2012.This service was not available for users, it was only available for companies and business houses who wish to improve their relationships with their customers.

So, if you wish to walk down the memory lane, just check if this option is available for you!

By- Nitten Gokhaley

Nitten writes for several websites and few news papers.  He writes on variety of topics like Health, Travel, Hollywood, Gadgets, Life style, Automobile, Politics, Science, Sociology, Psychology and more.

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