MOT vehicle test in the United Kingdom

Vehicles have become the most important part of our life these days. People simply cannot manage travelling without their vehicle.

A Vehicle can prove to be as dangerous as a weapon of mass destruction, if not handled carefully. So, it is our responsibility to make sure that our vehicle is in perfect condition, and is fit to hit the road. Ministry of Transport (MOT) vehicle test certifies just that!


Vehicles which are more than three years old, and are used on public roads in the United Kingdom need to go through an annual test to check its exhaust emissions, road worthiness aspects, and some other automobile safety aspects.  This test is known as the MOT (ministry of transport) test, and is conducted by the ministry of transport in the United Kingdom.

Vehicles which are more than 3 years old, need to go through MOT testing once in a year. Many car repair garages in the United Kingdom are authorized to perform this MOT test and issue these certificates. If you are caught driving your vehicle without MOT certificate; you might end up paying a fine of £60, as cops can assess the records for MOT certificates from MOT in town.

The VOSA (Vehicle and Operator service agency) issues MOT test certificates in Great Britain. The DVA (Driver and vehicle agency) issues MOT certificates in Northern Ireland, however, tests are performed only at DVA’s test canters. This test / certification is compulsory for 3-wheeled vehicles, cars, motor caravans, motor bicycles, ambulances, motor caravans, private passenger vehicles, etc.


MOT test covers- body, structure and general Items of the vehicle. It also covers exhaust, fuel and emissions checks of the vehicle. This test ensures that the brakes, steering, signalling equipment, lighting, tyres and road wheels are in perfect condition (during the test). As per legal requirement in the United Kingdom, you must have a valid MOT certificate for your vehicles which are more than 3 years old. If you are buying a used vehicle, you should first ask for its MOT test certificate.

So, what are you waiting for? Check the date of MOT test on your MOT certificate, and visit the nearest MOT test centre or MOT garages to get your vehicle certified.

By- Nitten Gokhaley

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