Primosten- a wonderful tourist destination in Croatia’s Sibenik Knin County

Primosten is a resort town on the Adriatic Sea coast, in Croatia’s Sibenik Knin County.

It offers historic architecture with wonderful natural surroundings. You will definitely fall in love with the beautiful vineyards around the town and the ancient narrow streets in the old town area. Considerable amount of population in Primosten is engaged in agriculture.


Some of the popular tourist attractions are- the Primosten Wine Trail, the Stone Spheres (Ambience Gallery), the Rudina art gallery, the parish church of St. George, and the Krapanj museum.


Primosten is home to some of the best beaches in Croatia. You can enjoy swimming, yachting, scuba diving, beach volleyball and other water sports. The Raduca beach and the Mala Raduca beach are the most popular beaches. There are several water sports clubs nearby these beaches. These beaches offer all the basic facilities like changing rooms, toilets, and cafeterias.

Primosten raduca beach2

If you wish to watch something weird, something exciting, you should visit Primosten during summer. Primosten is famous for its traditional donkey race, which is organized every summer. This donkey race is popularly known as ‘D-1’ race, and donkeys participating in this race are specially trained for racing.

Loviste 2002 056

Primosten town is around 37 kilometers away from the Split airport. You can easily avail transfers to Primosten town from outside the airport. So, just pack your bags and visit Primosten town! Don’t forget to carry your camera!

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