People in higher income group have greater tendency to cheat and lie!


A recent study by the University of California’s Psychologists suggests that upper class people (People in higher income group) have greater tendency to cheat, lie, endorse unethical behavior, and take things meant for others. The study also suggests that Upper class / privileged people cut up other road users while driving, and do not stop for pedestrians on crossings.

The study suggests that upper class people see themselves as more entitled, and do not perceive the risks of their behavior as they are better resourced, and have enough money for lawyers, etc.

The team studied the differences in ethical behavior between people in lower class and upper class. They found that upper class people were willing to cheat for money and even lie in negotiations.

University of California’s Psychologists drew their conclusions after several studies and observing people’s behavior in open. They also found that there is a strong link between greed and social status. The study also suggests that most of the people in the higher income group are less religious and fail to read other people’s emotions.

Psychologist Paul Piff and his colleagues were recently at the – Institute of Personality and Social research. They described their study regarding human behavior published in the US journal this year. They also said that the fundamental motive of most of the upper class people is ‘self – interest’, and this leads to more wrongdoing.


By- Nitten Gokhaley

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