Tips to reduce your monthly mobile phone bill

A survey suggests that 30% of the pay monthly plan users in the United States and 60% of pay monthly plan users in India do not even read their mobile phone bill. They just look at the amount and pay it. There is no point in spending your money for services which you do not use. You can easily reduce your mobile phone bill and save considerable amount of money.

Here are few tips which can help you to reduce your monthly mobile phone bill

Keep a track of your usage and select appropriate price plan
Keep a track of your usage and check the number of minutes you use for phone calls and number of text messages which you send every month. Select a price plan which suits your need, there is no point in selecting and paying for a price plan which offers more minutes and messages than your requirement.

Opt for ebills and read  your bill carefully

You should opt for ebill instead of paper bill. This will help mother nature,  and you can access  and read them whenever you want. You should always read your mobile phone bill carefully to track your usage and to check if there are any unauthorised charges for services that you did not opt for. You should also be aware of various taxes charged on your bill.

Always prefer an internet plan which offers unlimited usage

Smart phones are of no use without a good high speed internet plan. According to Tech experts, phones with Android and iOs operating systems eat lots of internet data. Tech experts conducted various surveys in the United States, the United Kingdom and India with regards to mobile phone internet usage, and found that many customers end up paying high mobile phone bill because of internet usage. Mobile phone networks around the world offer two types of internet plans, unlimited plan and plan with data cap. Customers who select internet plan with data cap have to pay additional charges for using the internet when their usage crosses their internet plan’s data cap. So, always opt for internet plans which offer unlimited data usage.

Talk to your operator before using your mobile phone while in roaming

To avoid huge phone bill, you should call up your mobile phone operator to discuss about various charges while using your phone in roaming.

Go for a prepaid plan (pay as you go plan)

You should opt for a prepaid plan as far as possible, as it will help you to keep a control on the amount you spend on your phone calls, messages and mobile phone internet every month.

By- Nitten Gokhaley

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