13 Tips to a Sustainable Interior Decoration

Interior decoration is the most important aspect of a house. Things which are out of style, damaged or worn out should be refurbished or replaced in an environment friendly (sustainable) way, and at the lowest cost possible.

Let’s take a look at 13 tips to a sustainable interior decoration

Eco friendly flooring options

If you are redoing your house, you should go for bamboo, recycled clay tile, or recycled glass tile flooring. If you wish to just decorate your flooring without spending much, you can go for rugs and carpets made from natural fibers like- minimally treated wool, jute, coir, organic cotton, etc.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

If you are re designing your kitchen, you should select Granite kitchen countertops and concrete sinks instead of steel or wooden ones, as granite is durable, attractive and requires less maintenance.

Durable kitchenware and Tableware

You should avoid buying disposable paper napkins, plastic cups and cutlery as they cause lot of pollution when disposed in fire. You should select good quality and durable cutlery, glassware made from reclaimed or recycled materials.

Eco friendly windows

Windows play an important part in controlling the temperature in your house and can help you to reduce your power bills! If you are redoing your house, make sure that you install eco friendly windows, in the south facing direction. If you are decorating your existing windows, you can just use easy to install window films, or eco friendly curtains to make your existing windows attractive.

Bathroom fixtures

If you are redoing your bathroom, ask your plumber to use recycled or reused materials where ever possible. You should buy eco friendly bathroom vanities, faucets, concrete sinks, low flow toilets, and low flow shower heads. If you want to decorate your existing bathroom, you should go for an antique bathroom mirror; it will definitely make your bathroom attractive.

Paint your house with natural and nontoxic colors

You should always select natural paints, or paints which are nontoxic. There are several natural paints made from clay or milk protein available in the market. Colors like green and blue (in various shades) are best for relaxing areas like the bedroom, while warm colors like yellow and red are best suitable for living room or social room.

Refurbishing the existing furniture in your house

You can easily save hundreds of dollars by refurbishing your existing furniture instead of buying something new. If you have some experience in painting, you can easily paint your own furniture with eco friendly wood paints.

Eco friendly Pillow covers and slip covers

You should always buy pillow covers and slip covers made from hemp blends, hemp, wool or organic cotton.

Antique / vintage showpieces

You can easily buy quality antique wall and table showpieces, and even antique lighting, thanks to various online shopping portals. Antique showpieces look beautiful and cost less. Living room is the best place to keep these showpieces.


Eco friendly electronic devices

Electronic devices like computer, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioning system, fans and TV set are a part of our day to day life, and also an important part of interior decoration. These devices should be attractive as well as eco friendly. You should replace them if they are old and are consuming too much electricity. You should buy devices which are made using recycled materials, and also assure minimum energy consumption.


Instead of using traditional glass bulbs and tubes, you should use UV free LED (light-emitting diodes) lighting in your house. They are eco friendly as they do not contain mercury and consume less electricity. LED lights are cost effective, and do not generate any heat, this indirectly helps to keep your room cool.

Paintings and Frames

Paintings of mountains, trees and flowers will definitely look wonderful in the living room. Eco friendly frames for paintings are easily available in the market; you can select your favorite picture or painting and hang it in your living room to show your love for Mother Nature.


Indoor plants

Some indoor plants have air cleaning abilities; they can improve the air quality in your house. You should definitely keep indoor plants like- peace lily, English ivy or Gerber daisy in your living room.

These 13 tips for sustainable interior decoration will help you to decorate your house in an environment friendly way, and impress all those who visit your house.


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