Miami Platja- heaven in Spain

Are you looking for a tourist destination which offers wonderful sea beaches, picturesque natural surroundings and hilly areas for adventure sports? Miami Platja is the perfect holiday destination for you!

Miami Platja is a wonderful resort town in Catalonia; north-east Spain. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and breathtaking cliffs, it is also known as Miami Playa.

Miami Platja offers beaches with golden sand and crystal clear water. The Playa de Cristal beach and Playa de L’Estany Salat beach are the most popular beaches, these beaches provide peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. There are several football goals and volleyball nets on these beaches. You can go for swimming, sailing, surfing, or just enjoy lying under the sun. These beaches offer all the basic facilities like toilets, changing rooms, shower rooms and cafeterias.

Miami Platja is popular for its breathtaking cliffs, you can enjoy adventure sports like- trekking, mountain hiking and mountain biking. You can easily rent trekking equipments and mountain bikes from various shops and sports clubs in and around Miami Platja. You can also enjoy golf, as there are several golf clubs nearby Miami Platja. You should definitely visit the nearby village called- Mont-Roig del Camp; it is home to some wonderful architectural monuments like- the chapel of Peiro built in 1752, and the church of Sant Miquel.

Miami Platja is home to many family friendly hotels, bars and restaurants which serve delicious food. Reus airport is the nearest airport, you can easily avail transfers to Miami Platja from outside the airport. So, pack your bags! Visit Miami Platja for superb vacation!

By- Nitten Gokhaley

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