Profile of Patricia Heaton

Profile of Patricia Heaton

Name– Patricia Heaton. She is also known as Patricia Helen Heaton.



Patricia is an American actress, model, comedienne and producer. She is best known for her character ‘Debra Barone’ in the world-famous TV series called Everybody loves Raymond. She won two Emmy Awards for her character in-Everybody loves Raymond’. The beautiful lady also played a small character in Fox comedy series called-Back to you. She is currently playing the character named Frankie Heck in ABC’s sitcom called The middle.

She has also worked in several television movies like Shattered Dreams (released in 1990), Miracle in the Woods (released in 1997), and Front of the Class (released in 2008). The actress also produced a documentary film called “The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania” which was released in 2005.

Height- Patricia’s height is 5′ 2″

Weight- Patricia’s weight is around 132 pounds.


Country- United States of America Date of birth- March 4th, 1958.

Birth place – Bay Village, Ohio, U.S.


1.    Cocktail Dress

Patricia was spotted in this Cocktail Dress (Brand: Tadashi Shoji) on June 20th 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. She was there to attend the Critics’ Choice Television Awards.

Fans did not appreciate the way she looks in this dress. Some of her fans feel that she should not wear this dress.

2.   Green top

Patricia was spotted in this green top in 2007 during the opening night of Los Angeles production’s Wicked. Fans were very happy with her pictures in this green top, as it was a see- through top!

She was looking hot and young in this dress; her fans were surprised and excited after carefully watching those pictures of Patricia in green top.

3.    Silk jersey dress

Patricia wore this silk jersey dress (by Electra Lang) on “The Wendy Williams Show”. She was looking fantastic in this dress. This episode of “The Wendy Williams Show” recorded good TRPs.×199.jpg



1.   Razor Cut

Patricia was spotted in this adorable short layered razor cut on March 26th, 2012 at the Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences presentation of an evening with “The Middle”. Patricia’s fans feel that this haircut looks good on her.

2.   Bob haircut

Patricia Heaton showed off her radiant Bob haircut on May 5, 2010, when she attended the Paley Center for Media’s evening With “The Middle”. Some of her fans say that she should always keep this hairstyle, as she looks young with this one.–al_ZICGl.jpg

3.   layered, brunette hairstyle

Patricia showed off her layered hairstyle during the ABC Disney Television Group’s All Star Mixer. She gave her layers a flirty flip up. She was looking attractive with this hairstyle.

Make up

1. Lip liner and Lip stick

According to makeup artist Brett Freedman, Patricia uses lipstick in shades like red, plum or berry. She was spotted with lipstick on her lips during several occasions; she has agreed that she uses lip liner and lipstick in a makeup discussion video with makeup artist Brett Freedman.

2. Pink eye shadow

Patricia looks vibrant and more alert with pale pink eye shadow on her eyes. She was spotted with this makeup during the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation’s event in 2003.

3. Black eyeliner

Not just Patricia, but many other Hollywood actresses also use Black eyeliner. This helps Patricia to attract many eyeballs around her. She was spotted with black eyeliner during Disney ABC Television Group’s Summer TCA party on August 1st 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.


No information available


1. Bikini in Hawaii

Patricia was spotted in a two-piece bikini in Hawaii with her husband. These pictures are popular among her fans.

Photo shoot

1. Photo shoot for Wicked

Patricia was spotted in this green top during the photo shoot for the opening night of Los Angeles production’s Wicked in 2007. Fans were very happy with her pictures in this green top, as it was a see- through top! These pictures are the most downloaded pictures of Patricia Heaton.

2. Photo Shoot for Golf magazine cover

Patricia appeared on the cover of Golf magazine’s February 2006 edition. She was wearing orange top in the cover photo, and looks very young in the same.

3. Photo Shoot for Viva magazine

Viva decided to feature some of Patricia’s beautiful pictures in their resolution 2008 edition. This photo shoot was done by Kate Romero.


 1. Shattered Dreams

This was Patricia’s first TV movie, it was directed by Robert Iscove and released in 1990. It featured other stars like Georgann Johnson, Michael Nouri, and Lindsay Wagner. The story revolves around the characters Charlotte and John; it is about the problems they face in their married life. This movie received average response at the box office.,0,214,317_.jpg

2. Memoirs of an Invisible Man.

This was Patricia’s first big screen movie. It was directed by John Carpenter and released in 1992.The story is about Nick Halloway, who becomes invisible cause of an accident (just in the lines of Hollow Man). Patricia played the character named ‘Ellen’ in the movie.

3. Beethoven

Beethoven is an American comedy film released in 1992, it was directed by Brian Levant. The story is about a dog, who is loved and cared by his family, and their vet, who secretly wants to kill him. Patricia played a small character called ‘Brie’ in this film.’1992.jpg

Patricia Heaton has worked in several TV movies and big screen movies. She is more famous for her character in TV series titled ‘Everybody loves Raymond’.

Plastic surgery

Patricia has confirmed in multiple interviews that she has done breast augmentation and tummy tuck. She definitely looks far better than any other on-screen woman in her 50s.

 1.   Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is done to increase the size of breasts. In February this year, a famous news site released a report which said that Patricia removed her breast implants.

2.   Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is an operation which is done to remove excess flesh from the abdomen. These pictures show visible changes after the operation on Patricia’s tummy.

Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

No information available

Husband/ Wife/ Kids/ Babies


1. No information available about her first husband.

2. David Hunt.

David is a British actor, Patricia married David in 1990, and this was her second marriage. They have four kids.


 Patricia has four children with David Hunt.

1. Samuel David

Samuel was born in September 1993.

2. John Basil

John was born in May 1995

3. Joseph Charles

Joseph was born in June 1997

4. Daniel Patrick

Daniel was born in January 1999


By- Nitten Gokhaley



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