Operating systems and Malware

Operating system is the most important component of the computer software. All the programs and applications require an operating system to function. Three most used operating systems are Windows operating system, Mac operating system and Linux operating system.

Windows operating system

Windows operating system is the most popular and widely used operating system around the world. Windows is a graphical interface operating system which was introduced in 1985; this system is developed by Microsoft.  Windows 8 is the latest version of windows operating system.

Mac operating system

Mac operating system is a graphical user interface based operating system used in Apple’s computers. It is developed by Apple Inc. This operating system was first introduced in 1984 as the system software in Apple’s Macintosh computers.

Linux operating system

Linux is a free and open source operating system; it was launched in October 1991 and initially developed for Intel x86 based computers.

Hackers around the world work day and night to find ways to control these operating systems and hack into your computer. Computer which works on Windows operating system is the easiest prey for these hackers. According to some reports, millions of computers working on windows operating systems are hacked with the help of Malware every day.

Malware! The real trouble maker!

Malware (malicious software) is created and deployed by hackers in various forms. Once downloaded in our computer, this malware gathers sensitive information, it also gains access to private computer systems and disrupt computer operations. Malware means worms, Trojan horses, spyware, computer viruses and more.

Windows is prone to Malware attacks; here are some of the basic reasons.

  • Architecture of the windows operating system does not have any kind of mechanism to handle Trojan or any other virus attacks.
  • Windows operating system powers 80% of the world’s desktop computers. So, hackers keep on studying about the windows operating system architecture which enables them to target large number of people.
  • There is no way that windows operating system can differentiate between user and virus-laden code; virus laden code can easily sneak in via internet in the form of various files.
  • In windows operating system, viruses easily install themselves on the system as there is no need to enter password while installing or uninstalling a program.

Mac and Linux operating systems are designed with security factors in mind, and windows operating system is designed with user convenience in mind. Microsoft is working on various factors to make its windows operating system malware and virus free. Today, no one can deny that computer with windows operating system is home for malware and viruses.

-Nitten Gokhaley

Nitten writes articles on variety of topics like SEO, SMM, Gadgets, Tech, Health and more. Nitten writes for http://www.cyberjournal24.in and http://www.ngweb24.com


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