Rajiv Rai’s next film in 2013!

Journal 24’s Nitten Gokhaley recently interacted with Producer Shabbir Boxwalla, who is Rajiv Rai’s friend and business associate.

He has confirmed that Rajiv Rai is working on a script since last few months. It will be an action thriller like most of Rajiv’s previous movies. Rajiv will start filming his Hindi thriller by the end of this year, he is also working on the casting part.

Rajiv Rai with Shabbir Boxwala

Rajiv Rai is Bollywood’s well-known producer, director, film distributor and owner of a music label. He is son of Late -Gulshan Rai, who has produced Bollywood’s greatest hits like- Deewar, Trishul, etc., and has distributed more than 200 movies (most of them were made by Yash Chopra) as a movie distributor.

Rajiv Rai has produced and directed several movies like- Yudh, Tridev, Vishwatama, Mohra, Gupt, Pyar Ishq aur Mohabbat and Asambhav. All these movies were successful at the box office except Pyar Ishq aur Mohabbat and Asambhav.

Rajiv has been away from Bollywood since his last release- Asambhav (2004). He is settled somewhere in the UK , as it offers safety and better life. Rajiv is in the UK since 1997, he left India shortly after he was attacked by underworld don- Abu Saleems’ men in Mumbai.

According to confirmed reports, Rai was planning an action thriller movie with Akshay Kumar in 2009, but cancelled his plans as Akshay demanded fee of Rs 45 Crores.

All the best Rajiv, we want to see you back in action!

-Nitten Gokhaley


8 thoughts on “Rajiv Rai’s next film in 2013!

  1. sonam baktwaar plz come back boollyood rajiv rai not hit movies rajiv rai flops movies madhuire dixt raveena juhie kojal actress come back why sonam come back sonam very good actress sonam all time super star and all movies best god acting sonam plz 2012 back boollyood

  2. sonam come back mumbai and settled sonam once again come back boollyood plz sonam very good acting mitti aur sonam insaaf apne lohe and shera shamshera movies very good ating sonam2012 is back

  3. 9 saal se main rajiv rai ki film ki wait kar raha hoon. Hope ane wali film ka mu$ic GUPT ki traha HIT HOGA. Waiting for rajiv rai’s äne wali film

  4. Please come back sonam. I am trying my best to collect all your films on dvd as some are hard to get. Also rajiv come back you can work with box office king salman khan.
    You can earn huge from it with your talent & script & salman.

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