Profile of Blanca Suarez


Name – Blanca Suarez, she is also known as Blanca Martinez Suarez.



Blanca Suarez is a Spanish actress born on October 21st 1988. She is also known as Blanca Martinez Suarez. She has become a household name in Spain since her performance in ‘The boarding school’ TV series. She reached wider audience with her role in the film ‘The sky I live in’ released in 2011.Blanca is famous for her roles in other TV shows as well.


Height – Blanca’s height is 5′ 6″.

Weight – Blanca’s weight is

Sex– female

Country – Spain

Date of birth – October 21st 1988.

Birth place – Madrid, Spain.


Strapless Dress

BS 2

Blanca Suarez was spotted in Strapless Dress at the 64th Cannes Film Festival on May 19th 2011 in Cannes, France. Dress brand is BCBG maxazria. According to her fans, she looks very sexy in this dress.

Cocktail dress

Blanca was spotted in this laser-cut frock during the 2012 film Independent spirit awards on February 25th 2012 in Santa Monica, California.

Balmain Resort 2012 dress

She was spotted in this dress during the 15th Malaga Film Festival in Malaga, Spain during April 2012. Her colorful printed long-sleeve dress showed off her enviable legs and her gorgeous figure. She managed to attract several eyeballs cause of this dress.


Long Curls

Blanca Suarez was spotted with long curls during the “Dior Night” party at Montalban Palace in Madrid, Spain on October 17th 2011. She was looking very mature cause of this hair style.

Side-twist, braid hybrid hairstyle

Blanca was spotted with this unique hair style. Some of her fans feel that this is a super cute braid hairstyle with just a twist. Some of Blanca’s pictures show her hair with this kind of style.

Short hair style

Blanca was spotted with short hair style during the 12th Malaga film festival in Malaga, Spain. She was not looking attractive during this even and her fans thought think that this hair style does not suit her.


False Eyelashes

Blanca wore a pair of ultra-long lashes to create a flirty feminine look during the film Independent Spirit Awards on February 25th 2012 in Santa Monica, California. Her fans around the world feel that she does not need eyelashes, she looks beautiful without them.

Matte red lip stick

The 22-year-old Blanca Suarez spiced up things with matte red lips and bold lashes at the Fotogramas Awards ceremony in Madrid, Spain. She was looking attractive, thanks to her matte red lipstick.

Hair color

Blanca was spotted using L’Oreal’s hair color product known as INOA during the press conference held at the Film Academy in Madrid, Spain on February 17th 2012. L’Oreal has appointed her as the brand ambassador for 2012. There is no way to understand if Blanca really uses this oil, color in her day to day life, maybe she used it just as a publicity stunt for L’Oreal. She was looking extremely beautiful because of her brown colored hair.


No information available


Bikini on the beach in Cadiz

Blanca Suarez was spotted in a bikini with her boy friend Miguel Angel Silvestre on the beach in Cadiz. (Cadiz is a city and port in southwestern Spain). No one knows if these pictures were taken by fans or this was an intentional photo shoot.

Bikini for FHM March 2011 edition photo shoot

Blanca did a photo shoot in bikini for FHM magazine’s March 2011 edition. Fans were very happy with pictures from this photo shoot, as Blanca was wearing a black bikini in most of the pictures.

Photo shoot

Photo shoot for Louis Vuitton Resort Collection 2012

Spanish actress Blanca Suarez and Andrea Duro were spotted parading around Rome in this Louis Vuitton Resort Collection 2012. This photo shoot was a dream come true for some of Blanca’s fans who were able to see her in those beautiful outfits. They were looking like Angels on street.

Photo shoot for FHM March 2011 edition.

Blanca was selected to be on the cover page of FHM’s March 2011 edition. According to Blanca’s fans, this is Blanca’s best photo shoot till date. All the pictures from this photo shoot are hot and sexy. These photos made a noticeable impact on sales of FHM’s March 2011 edition.

Photo shoot for In Style USA

This photo shoot was done by Kurt Iswarienko for In Style USA Inc. These pictures of Blanca in Business formals did not gain much popularity.


Neon Flesh

This was Blanca’s first big screen movie, it was released in 2010.It was directed by Paco Cabezas and it features Mario Casas, Vicente Romero and Luciano Caceres. The story is about a young businessman who tries to earn his mother’s respect by opening a brothel with his two useless friends.

This movie was rated above average at the box office.

Shiver (2008)

Shiver (Eskalofrio in Spanish) is a horror thriller film released in 2008; it was directed by Isidro Ortiz. It features Junio Valverde, Blanca Suarez and Mar Sodupe. It was rated above average by the audiences.

The skin I live in

This film was released in 2011. It was directed by Pedro Almodovar and it features Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya and Jan Cornet. The story is about a plastic surgeon, he creates a type of synthetic skin that withstands any kind of damage. This movie proved to be very important for Blanca, as she won a nomination for best new actress at Goya awards. She also won a nomination for Oro award for best actress.

Plastic surgery

No information available


Miguel Angel Silvestre Rambla

Miguel Angel Silvestre Rambla is a Spanish actor. According to media reports, Blanca is dating Miguel since 2011. They were spotted together at several occasions.


Blanca is not married yet.

-Nitten Gokhaley



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