Digital cameras- all that you should know

There are various types of cameras with hundreds of features available in the market these days. Before going out to buy a camera, you should be sure about what you are going to use it for, and what features you are looking for. The following are the most widely used types of cameras.

Point and Shoot cameras

A point and shoot camera is very easy to operate. People use this type of camera to take pictures and shoot videos during parties, reunions, vacations and other events. It is best for people who are looking for a simple and easy to operate camera which can help them take pictures. This camera is also called as a compact camera. It comes with basic features like Zoom control, auto focus, color balance, etc.

Nikon sells variety of point and shoot cameras; here is the list of model numbers and their price.

  • Coolpix S30, price is around $ 119.95
  • Coolpix S3300, price is around $ 139.95
  • Coolpix S6300, price is around $ 199.95
  • Coolpix L810, price is around $ 279.95
  • Coolpix L26, price is around $ 119.95
  • Coolpix S6200, price is around $ 229.95


Bridge cameras 

Cameras which fill the niche between the point and shoot cameras and the single lens reflex cameras are called Bridge cameras. They offer more advanced control than point and shoot cameras. Bridge cameras offer versatility of DSLR camera and convenience of a compact camera. People who are looking for advanced control and multiple zoom should go for this type of cameras.

Compact bridge cameras and super zoom cameras are two types of Bridge cameras.

Compact bridge cameras are easy to carry, as they can easily fit in your pocket. You can get better quality pictures even in low light with compact bridge cameras.

Super Zoom cameras get help you get closer to distant subjects as they offer zoom up to somewhere around 42 x optical zoom.

Nikon sells variety of Bridge cameras; here are few model numbers and their price.

  • Coolpix P90, price is around $619.99
  • Coolpix P 6000, price is around $789.99
  • Coolpix P500, price is $ 399.95
  • Coolpix P510, price is around $429.95

DSLR Camera

DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras are digital cameras which are made by combining a single lens reflex camera and digital camera’s back. In-short, the photographic film is replaced by electronic image sensor. These cameras are very expensive. They are best for professional photographers; they are widely used by professional still photographers around the world.

Here is the list of some Nikon DSLR cameras and their price.

  • Nikon D4, price is around $ 5,999.95
  • Nikon D3X, price is around $7,999.95
  • Nikon D300s, Price is around $1,699.95
  • Nikon D 800, price is around $2,999.95


Professional Standard Cameras

The most widely used professional standard cameras are bridge cameras. Super zoom bridge cameras are used for wild photography, as these cameras offer 42x optical zoom with their adjustable zoom lens.

Here is the list of some popular and widely used super zoom cameras from Nikon.

  • Coolpix P510, price is around $429.95
  • Coolpix L810, price is around $279.95

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