Cloud storage and cloud computing

What will be your reaction if a virus infects your computer and all your documents, various files are corrupted, gone? You will end up losing lots of time and efforts.

But now there is no need to worry, all you have to do, is find a free public cloud service provider and create an online backup of your data.

So, there is no need to carry data storage devices like pen drive and DVDs any more, all we need is an active internet connection. It is the most secured way to store our data, and access it from anywhere around the world.

Cloud computing

Wonder how do American or British companies hire employees around the world to for for them? Cloud computing is the answer for your question.

Cloud computing has helped companies around the world to save billions of dollars in their day to day operations. Cloud computing helps the organization to give server access to their employees working in remote areas, or even different countries. Companies in the United States have outsourced their jobs to countries like India, Philippines and china. Employees outside the United States can access their organization’s database in the United States with the help of cloud computing.

With the help of cloud computing, companies can create virtual desktops for employees at other locations away from their servers.

Most of the customer relationship management systems work with the help of cloud computing. Few examples of customer relationship management system (CRM) are People soft, Gateway, and Citrix. These customer relationship management systems are used around the world, and are connected to their main servers using the internet.

Cloud storage:

It is a service in which data is stored, backed up managed and maintained remotely and can be made available to the users anywhere in the world using the internet. We can store our documents, music files, pictures, video files in this cloud and access them whenever we need them. We can even use our mobile phone (with active internet connection) to access our data stored in cloud storage.

Four most used types of cloud storage are Public clouds, Private clouds and Hybrid clouds.

Public cloud

Virtual storage space which is made available to the public by cloud storage service providers is called public cloud. Users can store Pictures, documents, audio and video files in this virtual storage and retrieve them after connecting to internet from anywhere in the world. Public cloud service eliminates the need to carry data storage devices with us.

These days lot of people with iPhone and iPad use Apple’s iCloud service to keep an online backup of their work.

This is a great way to access your music or work related files from your mobile phone, no matter wherever you.

Some examples of Public cloud providers are Amazon’s Elastic compute cloud, Apple’s iCloud service, IBM’s Blue cloud service and Windows Azure Cloud Computing service. Some companies offer this service free of cost.

Private cloud

Private cloud is a virtual space which is made available to single organization by cloud storage service providers. Organization can store information on this cloud and make this database available to their employees working in remote locations. Private cloud service can help organizations to provide hosted access to applications and systems to their employees within the premises or even outside the premises.

Some examples of Private cloud providers are Linode cloud provider, IBM’s smart cloud, SunGard private cloud service and Vmware V cloud.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is a combination of private cloud and public cloud. Organizations can use this service in order to display information to their employees as well as members of public. Organization can use public cloud to display basic information to public while use a secured private cloud storage to display operational customer data to its employees.

Some examples are Intel’s Appup cloud service, Netapp hybrid cloud service and HP’s cloudagile.

Community cloud

Community cloud is an infrastructure which is shared by several organizations which have common concerns like security, jurisdiction, and compliance. Many public service organizations use community cloud service to get in touch with their representatives and keep them updated about ongoing issues.

Cloud computing and cloud storage has made our life very easy and has also helped companies to save billions in this age of credit crunch and recession.

– Nitten Gokhaley


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