Simple SEO tips to get more visitors.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important process to be followed in order to get more visitors to your website. There are companies out there who provide various SEO packages depending on your requirement. There is no need to spend money on SEO anymore! All you have to do is follow these tips.

Website with simple design

  • You should ask your web designer to construct a simple and SEO friendly website.
  • Avoid installing too many widgets, install trusted, most used widgets, and try to read reviews about it before installing.
  • You can ask your designer to design your site in such a way that all pages have links to each other, this way a visitor would be able to quickly move from one page to another.

Meaningful and simple content

Content has the power to keep your readers or visitors on your website for long time. You or your writer should try to put himself in visitor’s shoes; you should try to judge what information about your product are the visitors or readers looking for. It is not possible for everyone out there to understand jargons, short forms, technical and medical terms, so use words which are simple and easy to understand and keep your articles up to the point. Try to update your content every day, fresh content can improve your website’s rankings.

Use relevant keywords

Keywords play an important part in attracting visitors to your website. You should use keywords which are relevant to your content. Putting too many keywords can be considered as keyword stuffing or spam, this will harm you website’s search engine rankings.

Submit your website to search directories

Search directories contain links to various websites based on their content’s categories. All you have to do is visit a search directory, and put your website’s link in the relevant category based on the type of content on your website. There are various search directories like open directory project (OPD), Yahoo directory and Google directory. Directory submission is important because most of the search engines refer to the links on search directories for data required to produce search results.

Avoid unnecessary incoming and outgoing links

  • Some incoming links are necessary to get traffic on your site. You should always make sure that you are putting your website’s link on another website’s page which has content or topic similar to your website. Incorrect linking is considered as spam, and visitor may feel cheated.
  • Outgoing links referring to any source of information or statistics are important. You should avoid too many outgoing links as this can reduce your website’s value.

Stay away from black hat SEO tricks

You should stay away from black hat SEO tricks, link farms and other websites which offer free SEO. Google search engine’s latest ranking algorithm update (penguin update) penalizes websites which use over optimization and black hat SEO tricks. Websites which use too much of SEO or black hat SEO tricks will lose their rankings in search results.

There is no need to spend fortune to attract visitors towards your website. All you have to do is follow the above mentioned simple steps.

Nitten writes for the website  He writes on topics such as internet, SEO, PPC, SMM and wordpress-hosting.


2 thoughts on “Simple SEO tips to get more visitors.

  1. Nice Tips! As an expert in SEO I can surly say that these are really helpful for newbies. You have covered all the points which should keep in mind. I’m glad there are people who share such important things as a single person to teach them it takes a long time.

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