Area 51: UFOs or Spy Planes? Six interesting aspects with regard to Area 51

What is area 51 in Nevada? What is it that the US govt is trying to hide from people? Is it all about UFOs? Or is it just about Spy Planes? Let’s focus on some interesting facts about the region that made it in the limelight during the last few decades.

Facebook campaign urging people to storm the premises

A lot has already been written regarding the Nevada air force facility, Area 51. It was recently in the headlines when a bunch of over-enthusiastic Facebook users declared they would assemble around Area 51 and invade the restricted compound together. Later, the person behind the event claimed it was just a joke, and he does not intend to enter the said premises. However, the US Airforce was quick to issue a warning suggesting anyone who tries to enter the restricted area illegally would face deadly force.

Experts suggest that punishingly hot stretch of desert surrounds the base’s restricted zone. Thus, entering the concerned part seems impossible even if anyone manages to pass the assiduous surveillance around the patrolled boundary.


Reports released in the 90s suggested that area 51 was the government’s research center to work on spyplanes

It was used for studying and examination of reverse engineering of crashed alien spacecraft, developing weapons for strategic defense, manufacturing of aircraft based on alien technology, development of teleportation technology, etc. People living in areas near area 51 have reported several UFO sightings, but authorities never clarified or disclosed anything about activities carried out in the concerned sector.

Alien named “J-Rod.”

Hollywood’s famous director- Bruce Burgess had released a documentary based on area 51 in 1996. This documentary included an interview with a 71-year-old mechanical engineer who claimed that he had worked in the concerned center during the 1950s. This man suggested that there are aliens in area 51, and he met an alien named “J-Rod.”

Doesn’t this remind you of the world-famous movie- Men in Black?

BBC’s film crew tried to sneak into area 51

In October 2012, around 12 members from BBC’s film crew were arrested, and held at gunpoint, as they were trying to enter the most secured area in the whole world. They were forced to lie on the ground for three hours as guards armed with M16 assault rifles surrounded them. The incident was taken very seriously by the American govt. Officials from Washington also called up London to inform them about this incident, and to check the credentials of all the arrested crew members.

CIA’s documents highlight spy planes instead of UFOs

Freedom of Information request was filed by- George Washington University’s National Security Archive in 2005. In response to this request, the CIA recently released a document named- “The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance: the U-2 and Oxcart Programs.” This document suggests that area 51 in Nevada was used to study / test spy planes, and it has nothing to do with UFOs.

This CIA’s document suggests that area 51 is a zone for training U2 pilots, and the first test flight took place on August 4, 1955. The site was used for testing, developing spy planes like U-2, and its successors like- the D-21 Tagboard / Lockheed A-12 Oxcart.

CIA’s document also suggests that people might have mistaken these spy planes as UFOs. Perhaps, this resulted in hundreds of reports about unidentified flying objects sightings in the areas nearby area 51.

UFO investigators are not willing to accept information released in CIA’s document

Stanton Friedman, one of the most famous UFO investigators, said in his statement that he does not agree with the information released in the CIA’s documents.

He said that there is a considerable difference between U2 planes and UFOs spotted by people. He also noted that U-2 spy planes cannot sit still in the sky. These planes cannot take right-angle turns in the middle of the sky as made by the UFOs that were spotted by many people during the last few decades.

So, there is someone out there who knows something that we don’t.

By: Nitten Gokhaley

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