KTV clubs remain to be the most admired form of entertainment in Taiwan

When it comes to entertainment, people prefer to visit KTV bars, watching Taiwanese drama, reading comics like Manga and Anime comics, or watching TV shows. People also prefer visiting Taiwanese hot spring locations like- Green Island, Wulai, Guanziling, Beitou, Jiaoxi and more.

But out of all, Karaoke Television bars or KTV is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Taiwan. Now you might start thinking about a club, dancing people, and DJ. Hold on! Karaoke Television bars are not like discos or nightclubs. KTV clubs offer something that no other form of entertainment has in store. These Karaoke Television bars allow visitors to sing! This may sound untrue, but yes, you can sing inside these clubs.

Visitors can either choose to sit on the central lawn or choose to sit in a room to enjoy private Karaoke sessions. To be honest, a private session with your family can offer a pleasant experience.

What is inside these bars?

When you enter KTV club, it may appear like a disco or nightclub with the big TV screen. But you will find people sitting or standing with a mic in their hand. People get the opportunity to sing their favorite songs with music playing in the background. There are a lesser number of people who dare to sing in front of the hall full of people. So, once you enter the arena, representatives at the bar, might merely play background music and quickly throw the mic towards you, and urge you to sing.

Travelers coming from the United States and the United Kingdom might find Chinese songs funny, and they may start laughing right after entering the karaoke bar.

As mentioned earlier, there are two options offered by KTV bars. Either sit in the common hall or opt for a small cabin where you can sit down with your loved ones.

Once you enter the cabin/ room, you would find a big TV screen, a music player, and one mic. Yes, you guessed it right. The music system is loaded with several instrumental themes for famous songs from around the world, and you are supposed to sing those songs on those musical themes. You can also request the attendees at KTV bar to get your favorite piece of music for you. Trust me; you will love to sing your favorite songs on that mike with your loved one sitting right next to you. Plus, bars also offer a large variety of delicious dishes and a wide range of drinks.

Now the most crucial part, there are two types of KTV bars. First one is for families, and the second one is for individuals looking for adult entertainment.

What is the difference between usual KTV bar and an adult one? Well, adult bars are also easily accessible. But when you enter an adult bar, their beautiful bar dancers will attract your eyeballs. Most of the adult KTV bars have their team of beautiful dancers. They also offer two options; you can sit in the hall, sing, eat and watch lovely dancers while they shake their belly, or opt for a cabin.

If you are looking for adult entertainment, you can also ask for particular dancers who would come inside your cabin and dance while you sing your favorite songs. Adult KTV bars are easily recognizable, thanks to those posters on bar’s door featuring beautiful Taiwanese girls.

If you think that people are only interested in visiting adult KTV bars, you are wrong! Most of Taiwan’s population prefers to spend time in usual karaoke bars so that they can sing. Only wealthy businesspeople can afford to visit those adult bars.

Singing offers health benefits

Whenever an individual sings, musical vibrations start moving in his or her body, and this triggers positive vibes. Research also suggests that singing inside a room full of people can not only increase your self-confidence but also offers harmony and thrilling experience at the same time.

Singing can cure loneliness and depression. Probably due to hormones called endorphins, and oxytocin that are released while singing.

Even Harvard’s research suggests that singing can bring relaxation and can also regulate breathing. No matter if you are a practicing singer or a bad one. Researchers suggest that you should try to sing wherever possible. You can sing while inside the bathroom, while driving your car, or perhaps before attending an important meeting in your office.

Singing not only elevates your spirits but also soothes your nerves. It brings energizing effect and calms the singer’s heart down. This is the reason that these days, more than 32 million Americans participate in some or the other choir or Church music events.

KTV bars are part of the culture

As far as the number of Karaoke clubs is concerned, I wish to inform you that Japan is home to a large number of clubs followed by Taiwan. If you want to visit some of the country’s best KTV bars, I suggest you visit the Taichung city; this city is home to the most significant number of KTV clubs in Taiwan.

KTV bars have become an essential part of Taiwanese culture. These clubs have the potential to attract thousands of tourists in Taiwan, but the Government does not wish to use them as marketing tools to attract tourists. Entry fee for most of KTV bars is affordable, so travelers can easily access them.

Taiwan’s first karaoke club was opened twenty years ago. But today, there are several KTV bars in almost all Taiwanese cities.

KTV clubs are not the only form of entertainment to enjoy the nightlife. There is no need to worry, if you do not wish to spend time in Karaoke Television bars, you can also choose to visit the usual bars, discos, pubs, or sit in cafes. However, I would like to suggest you that KTV bars are something that you would only be able to visit and enjoy in Japan and Taiwan. So, visiting the KTV bar and spending some time while singing your favorite song might prove to be an excellent opportunity to present your talent in front of others.

So, whenever you visit Taiwan, do visit Karaoke Television bar at-least once.

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