MNS cracks the whip on Maharashtra Wakf Board! Says all its data must be published in Marathi

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s State Secretary Irfan Sheikh has recently issued a letter to Minister of State for Wakf, Vinod Tawde.  The letter highlights how the board is violating the state’s directions regarding disclosure of information in Marathi.

Irfan Sheikh exclusively interacted with CJ24 and shared details about his grievances.

“When it comes to beneficiaries of the Wakf Board, most of the people understand Marathi and not English. Thus, all the details like board’s financial transactions, land records, etc. should be made available in Marathi. Currently, the website offers all the information only in the English language. This is not in line with the state government’s Gazette Notification issued last year. It is mandatory for all the government controlled/funded establishments to use Marathi as their first language. The Wakf Board is clearly not following the government order,” said Irfan Sheikh.

The MNS state secretary has suggested the government to make sure that the board offers all the information in Marathi on its website and keep English as their second language option.

“The city has a considerable Muslim population. Government employees working in various offices and migrant workers need to offer prayers. Number of Mosques is less compared to the population, and state government does not easily issue permit to construct new Mosques. They issue permissions to construct Madarsas instead. The Wakf Board owns a lot of pieces of land, but still, people are forced to offer prayers on the street in cities like Mumbai.  It is important that people have access to information about properties that the Wakf Board owns and what they are doing with the same,” said the MNS office bearer.

MNS state secretary’s letter to Vinod Tawde

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