Top seven tips to manage your brand’s editorial content

These days, social networking sites provide constant entertainment, and headlines are dominated by celebrity news most of the time. So, brands need to put extra efforts in creating content to attract people towards their published material. The best way to generate traffic for content is to create content according to editor’s advice. Plus, big data should be used for marketing the content among the right set of audiences.

Opt for peripheral content

Instead of creating content about your products or services, produce material that is within your product or service’s peripheral vision. Your content should talk about something that people can easily relate to.

Never create click-bait for social networking sites

What would be your reaction if you click on a Facebook post about iPhone 10, but the link takes you to iPhone-6 review? Unfortunately, several content strategists use click-bait headlines to attract readers towards the post.  This is something that needs to be avoided at any cost. Monitor your company’s social networking campaigns and make sure that no misguiding content is shared. Keep posts relatable; add a perfect amount of humor.

Opt for feature content instead of newsy 

Make sure that your content is timeless and appealing. This would help in keeping the content fresh on a long-term basis. Remember, if your content is attractive, it is oblivious that even other publishers or individuals would share it. This will also bring hundreds of new readers to the content on your site if it goes viral even after few days from its release.

Number of shares indicates ROI

Content marketing experts suggest that the best way to gauge branded content’s success is the number of times that it has been shared on various mediums.

Create content as per the requirements of the channels that you are planning to share it on. Also, consider the type of audience that you wish to target. Package the content according to the channel. For example, Twitter would require eye-catching image and one line text description with a link to your website. On the other hand, Facebook would need a small picture with three to four lines of content to be posted.

Try spreading happiness

This is the era of unemployment and job cuts in developing countries. Almost everyone faces some or the other type of stress. People are looking for opportunities to be happy. They would appreciate if your brand gives them the reason to be satisfied. Encourage them to be happy. Share jokes, humorous stories, weird news, and other funny content whenever possible.

Evergreen content can prove to be beneficial than trending one

Blog posts on trending topics might help in attracting audiences for few days, but if you are looking for long-term benefits of content, you should opt for evergreen content. Create something that is a mixture of informative, educative, and a bit of trending topics. Ask your writers to create something that people care deeply about.

Don’t wholly depend on Facebook

You might not prefer to buy Facebook’s expensive ads for better reach each day. So, it is advisable to give equal importance to all the channels like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Form tie-ups with top bloggers, local online shopping portals, and yellow pages sites that can publish your content and exchange traffic.

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