Tips that can help you make your better half or girlfriend feel special

Appreciate whatever your better half or girlfriend does for you. To make her day, all that she probably needs is your appreciation and attention. Here’s something that you should do to add spark in your relationship.

No doubt that sexual intercourse can play an essential role in any relationship. Performing sex twice a week can reduce heart attack risk, improve the immune system. But remember, there is something beyond sex as well.

Don’t worry, stare at her legs

Girls use their uniquely empowered, beautiful legs and thighs to inflame man’s imagination, to seduce him, to tease him.

When a man gets the opportunity to enjoy a glimpse of woman’s shapely luscious, bare legs sticking out of her skirt, he feels sexually attracted towards her.  When a woman wearing short skirt sits down, her glossy, smooth, and sexually appealing thighs can prove to be good enough to turn any man’s imagination on.

So, don’t blame yourself if you are still a virgin and feel like groping a woman’s lovely, smooth and kissable thighs or legs. Don’t blame yourself if you think your eyes turn into magnifying glasses while staring at girl’s thighs.

Ask your lady love to wear a short skirt while at home so that you can stare at those beautiful legs and thighs. Put your head on your lady’s lap and rest for few minutes. Woman’s lap offers warmth and comfort. Don’t worry; she won’t think you are crazy; in fact; she would love a guy who is looking for something beyond sex.

Let her watch the favorite show on TV, while you use this opportunity to give her gentle foot and thigh massage.  Glide your hand slowly from her knee to upper thigh, but control your urge to delve inside her panties. Then, move your hand slowly towards her pubic mound, gently massage that part for few minutes and check her expressions.

If you find her pleased with your action, don’t hesitate to put your hands between her thighs.  You can also try groping those beautiful thighs if you desire to do so. But make sure that she feels comfortable.

If you wish to turn her on and ignite the passion among both, you should ask her to lift her skirt, pour some honey on her legs and thighs, so that you can lick it from her toe to upper thigh. The chances are that she would go crazy and let you do all the advanced sexual acts.

Cuddling a girl can offer the best feeling ever

Wrap your arms around your girl and pull your love closer to you. The chances are that she would feel wanted, protected, and safe.

Cuddling helps in creating an emotional connection. Let her bury her head in your chest, and you would start feeling more like a ‘true man.’

Cover yourself and your girl with a thick blanket and try face-to-face cuddling.  Both of you would enjoy the warm feeling. Kiss each other softly while you sleep. This action will make both of you feel happy.  You should do this every night, even after having sex.

If you wish to make each other’s day, both should eat chocolates after waking up in the morning. Then, lock your lips and suck those chocolate pieces back and forth from each other’s mouth.

Give a tight hug to each other while going out to the office, and after coming back home. This fun is what life is all about.

By Nitten Gokhaley 

The article is for personal viewing only.  This content cannot be used as evidence against the writer and publisher to file case in any court of law around the world. Images used in the content belong to their respective owners. The aim of this site is to spread awareness without any financial gain. We do not wish to hurt anyone’s sentiments or cause financial loss to any individual or organization.

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