Paid, earned, and owned media need to go hand in hand to achieve your brand’s goal

In this era of digital marketing, all three, paid, earned and owned media play an important role and should be treated equally.  Unfortunately, most of the marketing experts fail to create that well-balanced marketing strategy with the above three elements. Let’s take a look at some points to understand the importance of earned, owned, and paid options.

Using paid media

Paid media involves usage of pay per click, search engine optimization, display advertising, Google Adwords, etc. These tools can prove to be beneficial if used with a compelling call to action content and well-planned execution. As the name suggests, you need to pay handsomely for these resources.

Before few years, experts use to associate paid media with digital marketing. But now, the world has entered into an era where people wish to develop a bond with their favorite brand. It’s not just about getting individuals to respond to commercials and promotional pitches anymore. So, it’s not just marketing anymore, and paid media helps by offering better reach for companies.

Content is an integral part of owned media

To put it in simple words, owned media includes your brand’s social media pages, blogs, e-books, third-party content shared on your social media pages, videos, and content on your company website.  All these elements can help you in attracting new prospect customers towards your brand as well as to promote sales of your products online as well as offline.

It’s clear that all the above platforms will work correctly if content released on these platforms is impressive as well as reader-friendly. It should send your brand’s message across in seconds. The target can be achieved by combining well planned social media strategy along with robust content strategy.

This is not as easy as it seems, and digital marketing experts often misunderstand the term ‘good content.’

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council is an organization involved in knowledge exchange programs. Their executive marketing director-Donovan Neale May-recently interacted with journalists.  According to Donovan, most of the content strategists and marketers prefer to go with just product-centric content. Thus, they end up releasing technical material which customers prefer to ignore. This is a complete failure and is like neglecting prospect customers and buyers. Content strategy should be planned from the readers’ point of view and avoid making it completely product-centric.

Word-of-mouth can be tagged as earned media

It won’t be wrong to say that earned media is the result of efforts and money spent on paid media and owned media. Prospect customers turn into brand advocates who in turn end up promoting your product. Such individuals are a part of earned media.

As mentioned earlier, earned media cannot work alone, in fact, it cannot be achieved without owned and paid media. All three of them need to work simultaneously; else, nothing out of the three components would work in this era of a digital landscape.

May it be paid/earned media, user experience or data science, Los Angeles-based Beattie Cole digital marketing company offers the perfect solution for all your needs.

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