Myfair is the most preferred district by students and tourists in London

Cyber Journal 24, August 05, 2016

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Myfair district (area) is located in Central London. It is famous for its luxurious residential properties, shopping centers, restaurants, art galleries.  Let’s take a look at some points to know more about this area.

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Shopper’s stop

The district is home to some of the world-renowned clothing, jewelry, and antiques selling outlets. It is also home to auction houses like Sotheby’s and Phillips.

Fashion brands and designers like Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin, Primark, Prada, Celine, Lanvin, etc. have their outlets near Mount Street and Bond Street. Burlington Arcade shopping center also manages to attract lavish spenders from the United Kingdom.

Art lovers won’t face boredom

Myfair is home to several museums and art galleries like Museum of Mankind, the Royal Academy of Arts (Burlington House), and ancient buildings that reflect the influence of Roman architecture. Handel House Museum dedicated to German-born world famous musician George Frideric Handel is another popular attraction.

If you wish to buy a souvenir, you should visit Mount Street and Albermarle Street to buy paintings, sculptures, and pieces of modern British art.

Several places to spend peaceful time

Myfair also offers a peaceful environment for those who wish to spend some time surrounded by greenery. There are several private gardens and public parks like Berkeley Square, Hanover, and Grosvenor.   Mount Street gardens area and Farm Street Church attract a lot of visitors in this district. Plus, London’s famous Green Park, St James Park, and Hyde Park are just a few minutes away from the district.


Open spaces are simply spectacular, and residents want to keep them that way by banning A-list parties.

Food and nightlife

There are various eateries, hotels, and restaurants that are open day and night to offer dishes from around the world. Hakkasan Myfair and Pollen Street Social are the most popular ones and even preferred by Hollywood stars.

Myfair assures great nightlife. Jermyn Street and Berkeley Square area are home to city’s most iconic and popular night clubs.

Students buying property in Myfair area

Myfair is considered an impressive address. Many students feel proud to tell others that they live in Myfair. The area is just a few miles away from London’s famous Universities and colleges.

London College of Contemporary Arts, London School of Economics and Imperial College, and the London College of Fashion are located at walking distance from this district. Weekly rent for a luxury apartment in this area is around £1,000.

The London-based real estate group, Wetherell’s managing director Peter Wetherell recently interacted with journalists. He highlighted the point that wealthy students coming from countries like Russia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and India are coming and living in Myfair.

Myfair is considered gateway for a bright future

London offers something for every job seeker and candidates looking for internships. It’s home to world’s most important banks like J P Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc. and other financial institutions.   The city is also ahead of all other British cities when it comes to the number of industrial units, hospitality industry, tourism, etc. Even tech companies like Google have declared investments worth millions of pounds in London.

As Myfair is prestigious, picturesque, close to colleges and offices in London, students are choosing this district to rent or buy residential properties.        

Beggar makes thousands of dollars in this area

Myfair area was recently in the limelight due to Damien Preston-Booth, popularly known as “Beggar who accepts credit cards payment.” According to reports, this 37-year-old beggar operates in various parts of Myfair, and he made around £4,500 on New Year’s Eve.

Damien attracted a lot of wrath when people realized that he went for a vacation to Ibiza and uploaded his pics on social networking sites. 


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