Sajid really made films worth criticizing, or are journalists indulged in unnecessary bashing?

Cyber Journal 24, June 19, 2016

By Nitten Gokhaley 

On July 18th, 2014, I was travelling from Bangalore to Pune in KSRTC’s Volvo. The journey started at around 7 PM in the evening. After covering few kilometers distance from Bangalore, bus’s helper turned on TV and DVD player. The first movie in that disc was Humshakals, and the second one was Ek Villain. DVD player automatically started playing Humshakals; people started shouting and urged the bus helper to play Ek Villain instead of Humshakals. The bus stopped for a dinner break, and post dinner, LCD TV was turned off.

Next morning at around 6 AM, my bus had entered Maharashtra, somewhere near Kolhapur, and half of the people inside this bus were curled up on their seats. The first driver went back to sleep on bus’s last seat, while the second driver took over the bus. Vehicle’s helper once again turned on TV. As we had already watched Ek Villain, there was no other alternative but to watch Humshakals.

Initially, people turned a blind eye, but within twenty minutes, all the individuals who were awake had glued their eyes on TV, perhaps, because of movie’s comic dialogues.

“This movie is not as bad as critics claimed it to be,”-said one of the young passengers sitting next to me.

The bus once again stopped for a tea break. All the passengers returned to the bus in ten minutes.  As the helper did not turn on the TV, some passengers approached the helper, and surprisingly, they asked him to resume Humshakals from the point where it was stopped.  Passengers were laughing, and no one seemed bored. This was Sajid’s victory as a director.  Some people dislike him, but there are individuals who love his type of comedy as well.


Who’s this Sajid Khan? Is he just a director and Farah Khan’s brother?

Individuals born in the 1980s may not need any introduction to Sajid. He was known as Indian television’s sharp-tongued funny man between 1994 and 2006 because of his shows like Kehne Mein Kya Harz Hai, Sajid No.1, Sab Kuch Ho Sakta Hai, Main Bhi Detective, and most importantly, his countdown show Ikke Pe Ikka. This show was India’s longest running countdown show and even made an entry into Limca Book of World Records for the same. Besides anchoring shows, Sajid has also judged popular reality shows and played a cameo in several movies.


Some filmmakers and audio companies were not happy with Ikke Pe Ikka because of the way he used to criticize films and songs. He attracted a lot of ire from music directors when he anchored IPI’s special shows that exposed Hindi songs copied from International music.

Sajid never hesitated to illustrate self-mockery by dressing up like lady- Randira Bedi (Mandira Bedi’s spoof), Nepali watchman-Bahadur, Parsi baba, Papa Ranjeet (Aaaayyyeee), and even Sallu Bhai!

In host and dost’s own words, he was a 20-year-old boy on television in the mid 90s, making fun of films, and making wild predictions about week’s box office releases. Most of his shows were incredibly funny and he was often termed as notorious and impish.

May it be his shows or movies, even today; this Khan has a huge fan following because of his one-of-a-kind comedy. He loves to refer himself as host and dost.

But, as a considerable percentage of Indian homes did not have cable TV connection to watch satellite channels during the early 90s, most of the people born in 1990s may not have watched Sajid’s TV shows aired on Zee Cinema and Sony at all.

Here are short video clips from ‘Sab Kuch Ho Sakta Hai’ that you should definitely watch-









Sajid is the son of former producer Kamran Khan and his maternal cousins are Zoya Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar. His brother-in-law is editor and director Shirish Kunder, yes, the one who often tweets like Congress party’s spokesperson.

Everyone in the industry suggests that Sajid’s mother Menaka Irani has taught middle-class values to both, Sajid and his sister Farah Khan.  No one can deny that this 45-year-old host and dost has tasted success on his own guts and talent.




Sajid really made films worth criticizing, or are journalists indulged in unnecessary bashing?

“People were reviewing me instead of my films. These days, people judge you and your work based on what they hear or read about you,”-said the director in one of his interviews while sharing his opinion about unnecessary criticism that he faces.

It won’t be wrong to compare Sajid Khan with BJP leaders who often end up becoming an easy target for leftist journalists. Sorry for using harsh words, but both are often used as boxing bags.

After watching all films that Sajid has directed, (won’t consider Darna Zaroori Hai as he had directed just one segment out of the film) I feel that Heyy Babyy was genuinely entertaining, Housefull 1 was just entertaining, and Housefull 2 was genuinely funny. Himmatwala was a disaster, but Humshakals was good in bits and pieces.

Humshakals made around 65 crore at the box office and its distributors, producers made impressive amount of profit as well (large profit, if you include amount recovered from music and TV rights). However, after the film’s release, every Tom, Dick and Harry journalist in India criticized the movie. Some of them even made personal attacks with their statements on the director.  Sadly, even the film’s star cast (except Ritesh and Satish Shah) abandoned the movie and made jokes about the same. That was the most difficult time in director’s life. Later, several actors including Saif showed the willingness to work with Khan again.

Cinema lovers should watch the movie themselves to rate it instead of blindly following reviews

Editors and journalists from big media houses do not leave any stone unturned to criticize Sajid Khan. Certain journalists (some of my former colleagues as well) had declared Humshakals as a flop even before its release. They did the same for Housefull 2 but were forced to apologize when the movie made more than 100 crores. Check the comments written by readers for Housefull 2’s negative reviews to see how people responded to such reviews. Still, some critics tagged him as underdog.

As cinema lovers often point out, movie does not become bad just because critics tag it as ‘possible flop’ on day one from its release. Movie lovers have their own set of opinion. Bollywood journalists have been proved wrong several times. Housefull 1 and 2 received maximum negative reviews from almost all critics, but both proved to be successful at the box office.

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala recently released the third installment of Housefull series. This time, he had roped-in Housefull 2’s co-writers Sajid-Farhad to write as well as direct the film. Most of the reviews point out how this third installment remained unbaked compared to Housefull 2 because of the absence of Sajid Khan.

DNA Columns

From May 2015, Sajid Khan also writes columns for DNA’s Wednesday edition. Believe it or not, but most of his columns are better than those written by senior journalists like Mitali Saran, Rajdeep Sardesai, and even Karan Thapar. He focuses on sports, film industry, psychology, and social issues as well.

PR kiya toh darna kya, Breaking News, Commercial brake: Part 1, and SHEE SHEE TV are some of his interesting columns that you would definitely love to spend your time and read.

‘PR kiya toh darna kya’ exposes how politicians, Bollywood stars, businessmen and corporates use vigilante PR agencies to recover their damaged image, to get out of controversies, or even to create controversies for opponents.

In ‘Commercial brake: Part 1’ Khan takes a dig at some of the recent Indian ads. ‘Breaking News’ focuses on how news channels turn useless news pieces into breaking news. SHEE SHEE TV is perhaps the most hilarious out of the lot, as it focuses on SK’s encounter with Nepali watchman who loves acting in front of CCTV camera.

After watching few episodes of his old shows on YouTube, and reading his columns, ask yourself if you really hate this comedian?


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