Entrepreneurs Should Not Use Whatsapp as Part of Their Business Model-Says IT and Cyberlaws Expert Sushanth Samrudrala

Cyber Journal 24, February 15, 2016

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Whatsapp can prove to be substantial aid for sending text messages and (not so important) images, videos. But using the app for sharing personal information and business related details is a strict no-no!


Research on the internet reveals that sharing personal data on Whatsapp is not safe. Tech experts also suggest that the app is unsafe to be used while the smart phone or tablet PC is on Wi-Fi mode, as application layer encryption is missing in the app.

Whatsapp is often considered safe enough to be used for not-so-important chat messages, sharing pictures, and videos. But when it comes to sharing important data, it’s better to opt for more trusted mediums like email.

You may not believe this, but scrambling around tech sites may help you understand that there are certain rough apps and few scripts that help hackers to hack into your chat logs and access all the information that you share on Whatsapp. Android phones are more venerable to such hacks as most of these phones allow apps to track and access data from other applications in the device.

IT and cyberlaws expert Mr. Sushanth Samrudrala recently interacted with entrepreneurs from Pune during an event organized by 111 Startups on February 13th. He spoke about several issues, and data sharing via Whatsapp was one of the salient topics. The event aimed at helping entrepreneurs and investors with answers for their legal queries. Mr. Samrudrala is one of 111 Startups mentors.


Sushanth Samrudrala

During the discussion, Sushanth Samrudrala pointed out that sharing business negotiations details, bank information, or sharing personal details on Whatsapp should be avoided at any cost. Whatsapp’s terms and conditions suggest that all photographs, content, and other items shared on the app automatically become publicly available.

“Healthcare startup in Bihar had started collecting patients’ prescription on Whatsapp. One of their customers logged legal case against the startup, and it was closed. Sharing customer’s health records on Whatsapp landed them in trouble,”- said the IT and cyberlaws expert.

Entrepreneurs should not use Whatsapp as part of their business model because it may attract legal trouble. “If you share your bank account details on Whatsapp and you notice suspicious activity in your bank account, your bank will not pay or compensate for fraudulent charges,”- said Sushanth Samrudrala.



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