Is Islamic state’s mentality spreading in Pune? Three men burned 16 year old boy alive in broad daylight

Pune, January 15, 2016

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Ibrahim Mehboob Shaikh, Zuber Tamboli (26), and his brother Imran Tamboli (28) forced 16 year old rag picker-Sawan Dharma Rathore to drink petrol and set him on fire. The victim passed away this morning while under treatment at Pune’s Sasoon hospital


“They accused me of stealing bike batteries, and started beating, abusing me. They burnt me without any fault of mine,” said the teenager while he was under treatment yesterday, according to reports.

Dnyaneshwar Bhosale (senior police inspector at Faraskhana) told journalists that the boy was from Pandharpur and used to work as rag picker. Three accused approached him on Wednesday (January 13), and started abusing him. They forced him to drink petrol, doused him in petrol and burned him. Later, they left the victim near PMC head office at Shivajinagar, in front of darga and fled.

The victim somehow contacted his friends and went at Kasba Police Chowki to file an FIR. He was under treatment at Sasoon hospital and passed away this morning.

Police officials claim that all suspects were under the influence of alcohol. The incident has once again raised serious questions about the law and order situation in Pune. News reports clearly show how crime spurt has forced people to tweak their lifestyle in Pune.

Pune police gave incorrect information to journalists?

As observed in several other cases handled by Pune police, even this one has twists and turns. This afternoon, journalists tracked the victim’s father-Dharma. He came to Pune from Yavatmal recently.  Dharma has claimed that his son came to Pune before few days as he had a tiff with family members. Later, family members followed him to Pune, but they were not able to find him.

Victim’s relative Ramesh Rathod is an advocate. He recently interacted with journalists and pointed out that Sawan (the victim) did not get appropriate treatment at Sasoon. He also pointed out that police did not record victim’s dying statement and had not charged section 120 b, plus section 302 (murder) on culprits. After being approached again, SPI Bhosale said they are adding both charges in the case.

I was targeted only because I am a Hindu by religion, said victim Sawan in his last statement to police according to Samna

Journal 24’s view

Were accused influenced after watching ISIS videos?

This incident may remind some of us about how ISIS burns people alive. Social activist who does not wish to be named suggests that police should investigate the reason behind this action. Are suspects following some ideology? Did they watch ISIS videos showing IS-fighters burning people alive? Do they have any criminal background?

Most importantly, why did police claim that the boy was orphan when his parents and uncle were present in the city? SPI Bhosale said boy was from Pandharpur, but victim’s father says they are from Yavatmal. Perhaps, this case needs CID investigation to probe the accused as well as police officials who twisted the case by giving incorrect information and hiding details, probably to save the culprits from harsh punishment.

Hope authorities put this case on fast-track and give justice to the victim’s soul so that he can rest in peace. It is very important to show the society that Pune is not Syria.

What can you do to make sure that the victim gets justice?

Even if you are not legal expert, you can simply write email or letter to the following individuals demanding NIA probe in the case-

  • Ranjeet Patil

Minister of State, Maharashtra

Departments: Minister of State for Home (Urban), Urban Development, General Administration, Law & Justice, Parliamentary Affairs, Maharashtra

Office Address:

5th Floor, 540, Extension Building,

Dr. Madam Cama Road,



Office Ph: 022-22875930, 22876342


  • Shri K. P. Bakshi, IAS

Additional Chief Secretary, Home

Address: Mantralaya,


Email ID:


  • Shri Devendra Fadnavis

Chief Minister, Maharashtra


Chief Minister, Home Affairs, General Administration, Urban Development, Law & Judiciary, Ports, Tourism, Information and Public Relations, Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare, Employment & Self-employment


6th Floor, Main Building,

Dr. Madam Cama Road,



Office Ph:022-22025151, 22025222,22793340, Fax: 22029294




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4 thoughts on “Is Islamic state’s mentality spreading in Pune? Three men burned 16 year old boy alive in broad daylight

  1. Islam has been in India since a very long time. It has been pampered and its depredations covered up by all four estates of the Indian State since inception. Thanks to social media, some of these continuing Islamic practices are coming to light.

    For just one example: In Ramzan 2014, a Gang of Moslems led by the son of a Moslem BSP politican kidnapped a girl and her boy friend in Spencer Road, Frazer Town (Pulakeshi Nagar), Bangalore and gang raped the girl while forcing the boy to watch. The girl was from a brave and emancipated family and went with her boy friend to lodge a Police Complaint. The Moslem Circle Inspector refused to file an FIR. They escalated it to the Moslem Assistant Commissioner of Police who refused to intervene in the matter. The Tipu Sultan (Secular Khangress) Home Minister and Chief Minister tried to hush it up. However the Boy Friend was also secular (Christian) and the girl influential (Coorgi) and the media took it up and an FIR was lodged and the case investigated. The case yielded Mobile Phones with a large number of Gang Rape videos. Before the matter was further exposed a series of rapes of infant school girls by Moslem men began to grab the Bangalore head lines relegating this episode to the back ground. (Deliberate distraction like Iraq as red herring for Pakistan and Saudi Arabia or Ukraine for Islam?) The Aurangzeb Judiciary have enlarged the rapists on bail with unusual alacrity. More recently,

  2. Muslim boys under the influence of alcohol!!!
    I thought Islam banned consumption of alcohol. Will the accused be punished as per Sharia law or as per Indian Penal Code.

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