Are federal agencies doing enough to stop Indian “unskilled” workers from entering the US?

Cyber Journal 24, November 09, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Federal guidelines suggest that H-1B is supposed to be used by foreign workers with computer or science skills that cannot be found in American workers. But according to critics, these visas are often used by companies to bring immigrants from developing countries who work for lesser wages than Americans. In fact, there are several cases which show that American workers who were laid off were actually being asked to train their Indian replacement during their last few days at work.


Disney planned to replace its IT staff with Indian immigrants

In June this year, Disney made it in the headlines. Not because of their cartoon characters, but because of their decision to replace 250 of their employees with Indian immigrants who were in the US as “high-skilled technical workers.” The weird part was that these high-skilled workers (H-1B) were not trained for the job when they entered the US. Believe it or not, but Disney actually asked its 250 employees (who were about to be laid off) to train their Indian replacements working for Indian IT firm. Some news reports suggest that Disney changed its plan because of negative publicity that it got due to this move, and some American workers were allowed to continue with their job.

Indian IT firms often make it in the headlines for visa related frauds in the US. Two Indian firms, namely Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services are already under Department of Labor’s scanner for possible violations of visa related rules. In June this year, senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama and Richard Durbin from Illinois had announced that 500 IT workers from electric Utility Southern California Edison were laid off and replaced by Indian workers with temporary work visas. These 500 workers were also asked to train their replacement before being laid off.

Slow poison for the American job market

Howard University’s professor of public policy Ronil Hira recently interacted with journalists and shared details for the study conducted by the University on visa programs. Ronil Hira believes that companies are saving millions by slowly replacing Americans with immigrant workers in their own country. Most of the H-1B visa recipients are outsourcing, consulting firms from India according to reports. Some recent examples also show that Indian companies call Indian workers to work in the US on tourist visas!


Stories related to such fraud came in the limelight for the first time when former Infosys employee Jack Palmer sued the company and claimed that they violated the US immigration laws. Now there are several such investigations pending against Indian companies. But it appears as if no one is “really” interested in stopping Indian companies from misusing H-1B visa. Perhaps, politicians are not willing to act against large corporations who save millions by outsourcing American jobs to Indian workers who work at 50 percent lesser wages than American workers.

What can you do to stop this?

What best you can do is support petitions urging the government to act against companies that violate visa regulations and bring migrant workers to replace Americans. Write to your political representatives and urge to them create more jobs for Americans instead of foreigners.

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