Are Islamic State Militants slowly entering Italy? Are the US and Euro countries ignoring the signs of trouble that is heading their way?

Cyber Journal 24, May 24, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Are IS militants slowly entering Italy as illegal migrants? Recently reported incidents do suggest the same. Is the international community, especially, the United States and the United Kingdom doing enough to stop ISIS?

According to reports, the Islamic State has captured al-Waleed, the last border crossing point between Syria and Iraq. This was reported right after IS’s Palmyra takeover. Terrorists have killed more than 400 women and children in Palmyra alone, and dead bodies are lying on streets.


Data released by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights suggests that now the Islamic terror outfit controls around fifty percent of Syria’s territory. These terrorists have strong presence in Hama, Homs, Aleppo, Hasakeh, Raqqa and Deir al-Zour province. To make the situation worse, IS now also controls Iraq’s Ramadi city.


Several people have been murdered, women and girls are raped, sold, used as sex slaves for militants.  Historical heritage sites have been turned into ruins. Now even some of the US officials believe that fighting with Islamic State may prove to be difficult challenge.

Saleh al-Mutlaq, Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister recently interacted with journalists, and shared his opinion that fighting with Islamic State terrorists’ needs action from International community as it is no longer local matter. World might have to face danger due to lack of strategy and ignorance towards IS.

On the other hand, Ash Carter, the US defense secretary criticized the Iraqi army after Islamic State took over Ramadi and said that the Iraqi forces are simply not willing to fight.


Ash Carter

IS’s statement indicates their plans to send terrorists to Europe

In February this year, ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christians on one of Libya’s beaches and took oath to attack Europe soon. There are even reports about the terror outfit’s plans to use immigrant boats from Libya to spread terrorists in Europe.

Incidents that raise doubts

Cops in Italian city of Palermo arrested 15 individuals from migrant boat on April 18th as they threw more than 12 other migrants from Nigeria off the boat. Witnesses suggest that all the 15 arrested individuals were Muslims, and they threw 12 Christian migrants off the boat, in the sea.

International Organization for Migration’s Italian spokesperson, Flavio Di Giacomo, interacted with journalists and shared his opinion about the incident. He pointed out that fighting and arguments related incidents are always reported on migrant ships as they are overcrowded. But this is the first case involving religious fights that he has come across.

Some international news agencies dismissed this and other similar stories by tagging them as minor incidents caused due to disputes, but some also tagged them as religious hate-fuelled mass murders. Stats suggest that most of these migrants are from Middle East and African nations, and are migrating to escape from poverty.

Suspected terrorist arrested when he entered Italy on boat containing illegal migrants

Italian police detained 22 year old Majid Touil on May 20th for his “suspected” involvement in Tunis museum terror attack incident that happened in February this year. Police shared information with reporters that they have recovered USB drives and certain documents from the suspect’s house as evidence. They also said that the 22 year old is facing terrorism, kidnapping, and murder charges.


Majid Touil

Majid Touil was arrested in Gaggiano town when he arrived in the country in an illegal migrant boat.

Are the above incidents linked with each other?

As mentioned earlier, Islamic State militants had declared their plan to send militants to Europe to attack it from within. Now, there are clear indications about terrorists entering Italy.

Italy based anti-immigration, Northern League party’s head Matteo Salvini interacted with journalist and shared his opinion that terrorists are arriving in the country. He also suggested that Italy should close its border and suspend the agreement that allows people to move freely within European states. There are several others who share the same opinion.


Matteo Salvini

Now, the important question, why are some countries ignoring the possible threats? Are superpowers of the world serious while dealing with ISIS? The group has also claimed that it aims to purchase nuclear weapons from Pakistan within one year. Experts are not considering this statement as something worth laughing because of Pakistan’s “heaven for terrorists” status that it earned when the US found and killed Osama in Pakistan.

American President Obama’s policy focuses on training Iraqi forces, and supplying them with weapons instead of sending the US army on the ground to fight against ISIS militants. But, will this work? Should Europe take this threat more seriously?


Nitten is a freelance journalist, and has worked with renowned newspapers and news agency as a journalist in India. He writes on crime, international terrorism, Indian politics, technology, business stories and more.

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