Can simply changing product description help e-commerce sites to increase conversion rate?

Cyber Journal 24, April 16, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Product specifications and description content plays an important role in promoting sales on e-commerce websites. Mostly, the description and specification content for products is supplied by product makers. So, it is the same on almost all e-commerce sites. Unfortunately, this does not work well with Google search engine’s spiders. Since the release of Google search’s Panda update, these spiders can reduce e-commerce website’s rankings due to the common product description content that can also be found on hundreds of other websites. Even website’s visitors, prospect customers, and users won’t find that interesting.

Panda update penalized websites with copied content

Since the release of panda 4.1 update in September last year, SEO experts are taking all possible steps to improve sites’ rankings. They advise clients to add maps, videos, large images, and interactive content on e-commerce sites. But unfortunately, some e-commerce sites prefer to ignore suggestions given by their experts.

Here is one simple example that clearly highlights the issue related to similar product description.

Our SEO expert visited one business checks supplier’s website, and came across the product description for business check compatible with Peachtree accounting software.


Then, he simply copied and pasted this content in Google search.


Results were surprising. Around first six pages of search results indicated that the same business check description content was being used on more than twenty websites that sell those checks.

It appears as if most of the sites selling business checks do not have their own writers, and they simply get the content posted on their e-commerce portal without worrying about its impact on site’s rankings.

Content can help in gaining website visitor’s trust

Copied or repetitive content can negatively impact customer’s mind as well as Google’s spiders. Most probably, such websites might not manage to get good rankings on any search engines. Plus, visitors won’t be impressed with same old content, and will leave the site without purchasing anything.

Is there any way to improve this content?

Yes, the situation can be changed by taking some simple steps. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Enhance the content for various products

Re-write certain important parts of the product description, and run it through free plagiarism checking tools to make sure that it is not matching other content on the internet.

Allow site’s visitors, customers to post their questions, and to write their comments below the product’s details. This will make your e-commerce portal customer friendly and interactive. For reference, you can visit any of Amazon’s product pages and check the way they allow people to post questions, and reviews for each product.




These questions and comments from customers would help you understand if there is something wrong with your products. It can also help you understand what the customers are exactly looking for. If your portal does not get traffic that writes questions and comments, you can visit other popular shopping portals for questions. Then, re-write those questions, answers, and post them on your site.

  • Upload your own images and specifications for products

Re-writing specifications won’t take much of money and resources. But it can definitely help your e-commerce site to remain one step ahead of others. You should also add new images for all the products that you sell on your portal. Create short video clips showing the product if possible.

Take photographs of actual products that you have in your stock, and show measurements for products as well.

  • Making changes in content means better conversion rate and more traffic

Using all the above-mentioned suggestions can help you convert website’s visitors into buyers. Plus, new content, images, customer interaction on product details page will definitely help you deal with Google’s Panda or any upcoming updates.


Nitten Gokhaley is a freelance journalist and content writer. He has worked with several newspapers and news agencies in India. For feedback and enquires, email us- or

This content cannot be used as evidence against the writer and publisher to file case in any court of law around the world. Images used in the content belong to their respective owners. The aim of this site is to spread awareness without any financial gain. We do not wish to hurt anyone’s sentiments or cause financial loss to any individual or organization.

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