Ecuador Travel – 7 cool things to do in Quito

Cyber Journal 24, April 14, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Quito is Ecuador region’s capital city, and it is situated in Ecuador’s north central area. It is situated approximately 2,800 meters above the sea level.  Travel agencies consider Quito as one of the most important tourist destinations while planning Ecuador tours for travelers. Quito offers something for every visitor, may it be historical architecture, wonderful parks and hilly areas, active volcanoes, museums, religious places, adventure sports for kids and adults, or cable car ride. Let’s take a look at 7 cool things which can be done while in Quito.

  • Visit parks, valleys and places that offer glimpse of Mother Nature

Quito is home to several hilly areas and some wonderful natural parks where you can spend peaceful time with your loved ones.  Quito is home to South America’s largest urban park known as Parque Metropolitano Guanguiltagua. You can enjoy walking, running in the eucalyptus forest (part of the park), and also enjoy mountain biking in this park.


Parque Bicentenario Park

Parque Bicentenario Park is another popular park in Quito; this park offers various games and structures for children. The park is the perfect venue for outdoor concerts and various cultural exhibitions. It is home to 1 million trees. You can also enjoy running, walking and bicycle riding in this park. Some other popular hilly areas and parks in Quito are- the La Carolina Park, the El Ejido Park, the El Panecillo hill, and the La Alameda Park which is home to the Quito Observatory.

Quito is just few hours away from Ecuador Galapagos islands. These Islands are home to several endangered species of mammals, birds and plants. You can also enjoy various adventure sports and water sports on these Islands. Galapagos cruise can help you to explore the most important tourist destinations in the Galapagos chain of Islands.

  • Visit active volcano locations

Large amount of ash was deposited in various parts of Quito city On October 5th, 1999. Geologists suggest that this ash was released due to eruption in the Pichincha volcano. This is an active volcano situated in the western side of Quito city, and is monitored by a group of volcanologists. There are several active volcanoes nearby Quito city.


Pichincha volcano

If you wish to visit some more active volcano locations in the nearby areas, you can visit the Isabela Island. This Island is just few hours away from Quito city, and is a part of chain of Islands known as Galapagos islands Ecuador.

  • Enjoy a cable car ride in Teleferico

If you are not scared of heights and love sitting in a cable car, you should definitely sit in Quito’s cable car called- Teleferico. You can take a look at several small volcanoes surrounding Pichincha volcano while enjoying your ride in Teleferico.



This cable car can take you up to 12,000 feet above Quito city. It offers an amazing view of the city and its wonderful natural surroundings.

  • Visit some of the best Religious places

Cathedral of Quito constructed in 1806, is Quito’s most religiously significant monument. Quito is also home to the Church of La Compania which is considered as one of the best examples of archaeological art in the whole American continent.


Cathedral of Quito

If you wish to look at the spectacular example of Italian architecture, and Bernardo de Legarda’s great decorations and sculptures, you should visit the Church of El Sagrario. Some other popular religious places in Quito are- the Church of Santo Domingo, Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Church of San Francisco.

  • Visit various museums in Quito

Quito is home to several museums, these museums are considered as some of the best ones in Ecuador.  The Museo Casa de Sucre museum, the Ecuador National Museum of Medicine, the La Capilla del Hombre museum, the Museo de la Ciudad museum, the Casa del Alabado, and Museo de Arte Contemporaneas museum are some popular museums in Quito.

  • Visit some of the best archeologically important sites

Quito’s heart lies in the Historic Center of Quito! Renowned photographers from around the world are attracted to this part of Quito city because of its Spanish colonial architecture.


This area consists of old buildings, museums, convents colonial plazas, monasteries, chapels and churches. This historic center is labeled as “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO since 1978.

Some other architectural attractions in Quito are- the Carondelet Palace, Hotel Plaza Grande, Municipal Palace, Archbishop’s Palace near the Independence Square, and the neo Gothic building known as- Basilica del Voto Nacional.

  • Enjoy the night life

In-case if you are someone who loves discos, and great night life, you should visit the La Mariscal area. It is home to several hotels, restaurants, bars, and discos. It is considered as Quito’s entertainment hub. There is no need to worry about food as there are several restaurants in Quito which offer local dishes and cuisine from around the world.


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